Scorn [15 characters]

15 character titles LuL. Loving this 15 character theme

Saw this, thought it looked really cool. Don’t know if you should buy it without reviews though, especially through Kickstarter. Only if you want to support it’s development I guess. Releases October something I think

The trailer
The Kickstarter

The art style is very H R Giger, without the explicit subject matter and underlying metaphor.
(don’t recommend anybody not familiar with his work to go looking it up.)

Still love it.

Well I googled his artwork anyways and ye, that seems like a good description of the art style of the game. I’m loving the work put into the sound as well, it “sounds” very well done.

As a little context for whoever did end up googling it,

Giger feared that the human race would eventually destroy itself though over population.
On of his more famous pictures (non-explicit) goes as far as symbolizing children as ammo with every child-birth being another loaded into the chamber to be fired at the world.

Heaps of his art break down people and biology to being simple machinery.

The relationships and the act of reproduction itself in which people tend to be the most passionate and consider themselves to be the most human are instead show as being mechanical actions. Our bodies are at their lowest level machinery and we are unthinkingly just following preprogrammed instinct to keep producing more of ourselves.

At their lowest levels ye, i guess. Prob not a good or productive way to view the world though lol. That guy is prob messed up. If human population starts to become too big, the warning signs would be on the strain of our food supply, and measures would be taken to reduce child birth per couple, etc. If it ever comes to that, that is. Birth rates in some countries is actually going down I read somewhere (like Japan apparently). There’s also a fair bit of war. Still a lot of land as well. Also AI is going to kill everyone, so I think we can rest easy on the issue of overpopulation.

Anyways bro, more importantly, didn’t we discuss something eerily similar a couple years back on the original MG? I got a serious case of dejavu when I saw that children ammo gun pic now lolol.

It probably came up at some point if there was other games with the same aesthetics.
Or perhaps a discussion about Alien? Giger created the design of the xenomorphs.

Could have been any number of things.

Aliens was inspired by Giger, Giger was inspired by Lovecraft, lovecraft was inspired by Poe.

It is turtles all the way down really.

Game looks nuts. I hope its good. Seems like a really different games.