Set Up Pictures + winner gets a prize end of month


Update #1 - Come on Brothers upload your pictures :slight_smile: I will pick a winner end of this month for a prize.

Post your PC/Console/Gaming/Office set ups here…
I will post mine as soon as I know what I am working with :grin:

Lets see how this goes…

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Will do! (extra characters)

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Waiting for you to set the mark akhi :slight_smile:

I will post once I am done building my new desktop Inshallah and setting all the stuff up

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Inshallaah, whats the ETA ?
Might just give my set up a clean up etc + cable management lol

my monitor wont arrive for 2 weeks so ill probably get around to building and setting up 3 from now Inshallah.

My current humble setup. lol:

Dark tile below the tower. Simple old sturdy Antec case from one of my older builds.

Mouse and keyboard and the best part of my setup…the monitor.


Keyboard + Mouse looks nice. Cable management needs work lol, and why is your monitor slanted ?
Ill get mine uploaded this weekend iA. :+1:

lol I gave up on cable management. The controller is on the floor, mic just willy nilly. And as for the monitor, I have it like that to give myself more desk room but I actually just centered it and its pretty great lol. Dont know why I didnt before.


I have my old setup on reddit somewhere, one second.
Ahh here we go.

That laptop actually got stolen when someone broke into my house. Lucky for me it was encrypted. Unlucky for him all of it’s fans stopped working, the keyboard did not work, and the buttons did not work. You cannot see it int he picture, but my laptop is balancing on some external fans.

Edit: Yes I am wearing family guy pajamas, Yes I still have everything but that laptop, and the mouse.


Ok… Wow that is really ghetto damn lol.
Wins the ghetto set up award anyway :slight_smile:

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Abit late… Not the best pictures cause of the lighting…

Sorry for the bonsai tree I love it.


PC Build:


Anyone else notice that Abrar IS in fact seeing the text in Discord chat…? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hamzaa that setup looks great. I need to get a bigger desk and a plant lol. And another screen frickin.

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@roketfiq lol the pictures are quite dark, you got the perfect opportunity this Friday :slight_smile:
You might wanna keep your eye on a 2K 1440p one like me to future proof. my ones are 1080p which are ok but if I pick up an 2K one preferably with freesync. However my PC needs an upgrade thats next year with AMD ZEN.

Get a bonsai they soo nice and they dont grow big + easy to mantain maybe a cactus lol. Or look for the plants that clean the air. Hit ikea for the desk like 90% of setups have lol.

lol I dont know if I can afford to add a monitor to the setup right now. Would be nice though. There are several 1440p monitors on sale for $200-275 but that would blow my budget to high heaven. Gotta be patient and wait for another time. Maybe if I manage to sell enough Ill invest in another monitor.

Desk is included in that for now unless I can get something for $50 or less. Something wide and accommodating. Id get a cactus or bonzai but my room doesnt really get light from outside. I covered my windows with insulation for the winter lol. Oh well.

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