Settlers of Catan... Online?

Who would like to play a game of settlers of Catan.

free account over here.

Then we can sync times.

OR we should all get tabletop simulator :wink:

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I’d join just for the table flipping ^

but that costs money, and this is free.

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@asad3ainjalout BUT YOU CAN FLIP TABLES!

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Programming and csgo are taking up all my time right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol so is it a good representation of the game? Looked kinda shabby when I powered it up. I like the physical game.

Fairly good representation. It is literally the game. thats it.

I say we keep it as a tourney or MG get together game then. Its good fun.

tourney would be hard since I doubt we can get enough people lol, i say we just play a few games, maybe count the points. So we take the points someone ends the game with and add it up, after 5 games we determine winner.

Well, I figured it was for future reference when the forums grow to full strength again.

why not start now, we could do a settlers of catan or warlight tournament ( i like warlight)

I need to lookup Warlight. I dont remember it.

its risk, but like, reimagined and improved for a digital game mode. I like it cause you can have what are a called multi day games. so i can take turns when i have freetime

So I checked my inventory and I forgot I had the tabletop simulator 4pack cuz I wanted to play with friends (duh) I’m down to give it to you guys if you guys wanna play. I’m a huge boardgame nerd, me and a couple of my friends get together on Friday nights and play a couple boardgames and I would love to play with you guys as well

Id love a copy but I cannot be sure that I can make a regular meeting, or if i do, stay the whole length

Well Im online enough to give it a go. How does Tabletop Sim work?

A host loads up a boardgame and invites friends and/or randoms to join and play. I’m not sure if the game has ingame voice chat but we don’t have to worry about that since we have mumble. And then we just play the game like we would be playing on an actual board except its in simulation. Your mouse becomes your “hand” so yes you have to still actually roll dice etc. Its easier to see then to explain.

But if we can get like 2 more ppl to be down then we can play some solid games :smiley:

lol That sounds awesome! Boardgames have been getting more and more popular lately. At least with my friends. Catan, card games, etc. Love it with my siblings. Id totally be down then. Just let me know.

I do love board games, I currently have Ticket to Ride, Setlers of Catan, SoC 5-6 player expansion, SoC cities and Knights, SoCCY&K 5-6 player expansion, chess, checkers ofc, a turn based hex based magyk the gathering boardgame and forbidden desert. Love all. Have not played the magyk one yet.

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