Square Enix FINALLY Announces Final Fantasy XII Remake!

AHHHHHH! Game is amazing. Didnt think I’d be buying another after FFX and FFIX but man…this is the one Ive been waiting for:


I fell off the train after FF8. FF7 was IMO one of the best.

There’s an FF7 remake floating around somewhere … I read an announcement about it last summer. I should probably not hijack your FF12 thread for that, though :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I saw it but Im not terribly excited for the FF7 remake. They are changing it a lot so it wont be reliving so much as it is a new game with the same name. But…I also never played FF7 so I cant talk too much. Thats why Im actually jumping onto the FF remake train though. I bought FF9 and FF10 to play and am looking forward to it to finally get full FF experiences. Ive played FF12 on a PS2 emulator but I never finished it. Zodiac Age is going to be a different game entirely because it uses a different job system. I love the game though. Gameplay and story and world were awesome. Will definitely go through it again.