Star Citizen

Assalamu Aleykum Brothers

I’ve been following the development of Star Citizen alot these past years. Ive found since I started working my time is very limited so I only really have time to play one game,

Star Citizen and looks like a hefty game I could really get into with the odd couple of hours I have spare in the week.

What do the brothers think of the game? I really like how big a game it is because I don’t like investing time into games I then complete and never play again.

Wa’alaykum asalaam!

Do you think it will ever get released though? According to wikipedia, it was planned for a 2014 release, and the comments on their kickstarter are upsetting (

I’ve been following development over the years and it’s been really interesting, the response they got from the Kickstarter meant they could make a much bigger game, which they did but at the expense of the original backers.

A big part of it is playable in Alpha and it looks like it will be released most likely within the next two years….only what, 5-6 years late?:joy:

It sounds like an epic game; what are some of these cool features?

There are alot, but one of my favourite is the FPS element, I thought it was just a spaceship combat sim, but the added FPS element makes boarding other players ships and people fighting ground battles with ships support