Star Trek - Chasing the Infinite Sky Short Film

The animation and detail is incredible. Take a look:

Plus one other. Kinda random but hella nice:

i love star trek, and the newer style just pisses me off to no end.

Star trek was all about making a believable realistic ship that could be backed up by science, now its LENS FLARE, WHITE LIGHT, MORE LENS FLARE, STUPID HOLOGRAMS THAT DO NOTHING BUT MAKE IT MORE CONFUSING!!! As someone who works on a computer a lot, if you put lens flare anywhere near where i work I will cut you.

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loooooool. Well, while I agree with you on the content of the latest films, I still love the ships and effects of the films. And lol I dont see how different the ships are between the films. I dont think I totally like the warp effect that shows a sort of mist or haze or particle effect when they first blast off but otherwise…the flash and boom is pretty great lol.

I kind of get what you are saying.
I like the more down to earth lower-tech sci-fi rather than the highly polished technology that almost becomes some sort of deus-ex-machina stand in for magic by lazy writers.

That is why my favorite Sci-fi is Firefly, with StarTrek being a close 2nd.
The ship Serenity itself having a very mechanical and working class feel worked great, with the mechanic having to constantly work to keep the thing flying and the crew constantly needing to work to make sure they don’t run out of fuel or supplies. Despite being set in a single system, being on the lower end of the tech spectrum still left the setting feeling vast.

I haven’t had time to watch it yet but I have noticed Star Trek Enterprise was added recently to my Netflix. The description says it is set before shields and phasors which sounds pretty cool.
Anybody know if it is worth watching?

Best Star treks in my opinion are Generation, starting after season 2, Deep Space nine, and Enterprise
There are a few good episodes in voyager, and a couple in the original series. Most of the movies are ok.

I adore Firefly. I loved that show from beginning to end and it still boggles my mind that they didnt go for another season or five. It was so good and grounded. Loved the ship and loved the premise and setting and characters most of all. They nailed the humor in it. And lets me honest…Inara was gorgeous…escort or not lol.

And wait @asad3ainjalout - you liked Enterprise? I loved it but from what Ive been hearing you dont sound like you would lol. It was closer to the Abrams films than it was to Next Generation. I just recently started watching Deep Space nine and Star Trek The Next Generation both great. Voyager wasnt bad.

They added a bit more action but did stick to the history as well as still exploring deeper into humanity and morals etc. Also, season 3 was where they went all out on the combat and therefore it is my least favorite of the seasons.

Here is the thing. Star trek was different from most scifis because It did not have a bleak future. It was rather optimistic. Humanity had united, no bigotry, no poverty etc. humans strived to avoid combat at all counts. And if combat did happen, they tried to avoid as many casualties as possible, while always seeking to end the fighting or the war. Star trek also differed from most other scifis because it focused on the bigger picture when it came to wars. For example, in Deep space nine with the war on the dominion, it was more focused about politics, treaties and territorial positioning. Other scifies covered pew pew, so star trek was a welcome relief. Now with the new star treks not only do the ignore the moral depth, the strategic analysis, history, and optimistic outlook of the previous series, they have degenerated into your typical scifi pew pew. Killing what made star trek unique.

Kaylee was so shiny.

Every now and then I will watch the series again.
This is usually followed by a week of me playing Kerbal Space program attempting to build a SSTO craft similar to a firefly.