Stardew Valley GameSpot Review


This game is my current addiction.

(Two months later) so how did that addiction pan out?

I think I’ve finally decided to purchase it. Just waiting it out for a deal.

It hit me right in the nostalgia—been waiting for a solid spiritual successor to Harvest Moon for a while. Stardew Valley has a lot of solid gameplay elements and provides enough variety that you don’t get bored.

If farming gets tedious, you can try animal husbandry. If that’s not your cup of tea, go fishing. If you’re frustrated with how jumpy fish can be, delve the mines and fight monsters.

I played it over winter break and when the “I’ll just play 1 hour” slipped into 4+, my wife helped me get back on track (thanks wifey).

Once year-end rolled around and I got back to work, I stopped playing—too busy. I’ll probably get back to it to finish year 2 when I have time.

I’m at 31 hours after about two weeks of stardew valley. Some of that time was spent afk.

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Is it true you can only save by prematurely ending a day?

How do I “pause” or quit if I have a short game session and/or need to stop playing in very short order?

Yes, Saving occures every day when you sleep. Sleep occures when ever you say it does

There is no real reason for you to wait an entire day unless you are fishing and need to head out at night or you have animals that you need to lock up.

The day/night cycle is more of a limitation for how long the day can go. Ultimately it is your energy that decides how long your day is, if you blow though that energy by midday there is no real issue with going to bed then and there.


This is on sale for 25% off at the Humble Store. Is There Any Deal claims this is the historical lowest price evar. So I bought it.