StarDew Valley Linux/Mac Release

As someone who has been a big fan of the Harvest Moon series (it was nice casual game that played well on my phone’s gameboy emulator), this game is a welcome addition to the casual farming genre. I have purchased it on GoG and played for about two hours, and I must say, it is fun. There is always something to do and farm management is awesome. The interface stays out of your way, and while the graphics are simplistic, the aesthetics are top notch. Controls are nice, I recommend turning on the option to see where the mouse cursor is, and sharp. Some of the upgrade paths (i googled them) need to be fixed up a little as it appears there is only one good way to pick your paths, but over all, its a very fun and solid game.

Once again I recommend buying the game on GoG and using GoG Galaxy so that you may actually own a DRM free copy of your game.


Nice I’m glad you enjoyed it, I also really enjoyed it and recommend it

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Purchased. I even whistled the HM theme tune as the payment processed.

I have been tempted by this one for a while now, but porting to Linux definitely put it over the edge. It is even DRM free to boot.

Farming and Capitalism ho!

Edit: GoG appears to currently only be listing the windows version.

Laptop note: If you are using an Intel HD, the screen may occasionally turn white with a few grey blocks. If this happens, hit alt-ctrl-delete to jump out of the game then get back in without restarting. This only seems to work if you hit alt-ctrl-delete, Alt-tab seems to do nothing.

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Salaams, sorry, although the linux version released late yesterday, GoG does not update on weekends. Personally I would rather wait a couple days on updates and have drm free though. The link did say the versoins come a little later

I am playing on windows for the moment.

It is now 2am, please help?


you should plan your plots for sprinklers
also if you upgrade the water can it waters in a 3x3. ALSO the same plants grown in a 3x3 hav ea chance of becoming a super plant. basically a large plant that requires an axe to break.

Not the help I was asking for, but I will revise the setup after this growing season.
I need Iron for sprinklers and I haven’t found any yet.

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Thats ok, I believe your wife kicked you off lol

She was not happy.
But I am up again at 7 with my son so she can sleep in.

Sleep is for the weak.


@Severok Penny is bae

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ill agree, she be the on I decided my dude will marry. BTW, there is a mod on Nexus that changes all the dudes to girls. Sadly, they are all weaboos.

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Are we really debating virtual women here?

'Cos seriously… Maru.

They arnt All weeaboo.
…Some are cat-people.

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Sooooo buying this on its next sale. Cant wait for 1.1 and multiplayer. Siblings are going to love it.


I highly recommend GoG

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It is getting multiplayer?
How is that going to work?
Can we set up a server?

I call Maru.

Yea its getting MP but I dont know how its going to work. Its just going to acompany version 1.1.

@asad3ainjalout - Yea Ill definitely be getting it from there. That and basically any other MP DRM free game I can get from there.

Yes, no idea, maybe, lol ok.


now you have just made me more and more curious.

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lolololol. Clever girl…