Steam Chat Room?


Some of us used to hang out on Steam and chat. I think the original reason was to hook up for improv games (LoL? Dota?).

Anyone interested in restarting that initiative? IMO Steam is a good way to grab/engage Muslim gamers into our little corner of the community.

There exists the MG steam group already that gengis setup a long time ago. I dont quite wanna reach out there yet, for the same reasons that this forum remains invite only.

Whats the time line on opening up the forums? I know we have things to do still but maybe we should have another get together and talk it over soon.

I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead. I think just after Ramadan. Or maybe mid Ramadan… Gives us about another 2-4 weeks to figure stuff out.

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abrar or anyone else, Im happy to add admins to steam group if you guys have a way of utilising it.

But agree with abrar, wait till everything is setup properly before advertising. First impressions count.