Steam Return Policy


I ran into this recently so I thought I’d share Steam’s official return policy. IMO, it’s pretty fair.

If you:

  • Buy a game from Steam itself (not buy it off-site and use a Steam key), and
  • Play it for less than two hours, and
  • Own it for less than two weeks

… you have a pretty good chance of returning it (albeit not a guaranteed one).

… If you return enough products, they’ll probably stop accepting your refunds. Still, it’s worth it, because you can “risk” buying something you’re not sure about and get it refunded if it doesn’t work, etc.


Im really glad they have this. I havent had to use it yet because I vet games so heavily now but I definitely would have in the past. lol. I dont preorder or buy early access or buy without some sort of sale these days (like many of you, including ashes who is a step ahead of me and uses a budget) but having the option is always a good thing.

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