Steam Sale Hype Thread

STEAM SALE IS HERE! Prepare your wallets!!

These are the games that I recommend getting from today’s highlighted deals:

Darkest Dungeon: A turn based strategy game that will make you invent new curse words that you didn’t know existed but at the same time will keep you hooked with its RNG mechanics.

Price: $15 (40% off)

Stardew Valley: Want to bring out your inner kid? Ever played harvest moon and thought what if it had a more adult setting with relationships? Then this is the game for you. Be warned though your real life relationships will probably decrease as you try to increase your relationship status with the NPCs.

Price; $12 (20% off)

Banished: A city builder strategy game that is utterly unforgiving. Every wrong step could be the downfall of your town.

Price: $6.79 (66% off)

This War of Mine: A beautiful strategy survival game where you create the story of normal everyday people as they try to survive in a war-torn country. You will make tough decisions of whether or not you want to raid the home of the old couple that have done nothing to you but you need the food and supplies, or to choose to feed one person in your party over another because he/she is more valuable.

Price: $5 (75% off)

Stellaris: The newest grand strategy RTS game made by Paradox. This game is probably the reason I failed some of my finals (just kidding I passed), but really this game is fun and you will sink a ton of hours into it without even noticing

Price: $36 (10% off)


+1 for Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon, thanks for sharing. Now I have to figure out if it’s worth getting these, or Bastion/Braid.

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Get the game as a gift but keep in your inventory if you are not going to play it right away. You never know you might want to gift it to someone or trade for a game that you want more

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Steam desperately needs a “Scan my hardware and make a filter of games I can run” function.

So many sales, but I don’t think many would actually run on my toaster.

I am waiting to see if Tabletop simulator goes on sale.
The steam controller is on sale, which is intresting as this is the 1st time I have actually seen it listed with a price. I am hoping that this means it has finally been released in Australia.


The only game that will probably not run on your system would be stellaris, other then that the others I reocmmended are not really graphic intensive at all

That is what I thought about this war of mine and wasteland 2, but they ended up as unplayable slide shows

wow you really are running a toaster lol


I can play all the finest games the eary 2000’s have to offer.

I saw DeusEx 1 on sale :tada:

Early 2000s you say?
Edit: the preview doesn’t load, so here’s the link.

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Only the best. 90’s and 2000’s

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@Severok what’s your bottleneck? CPU, GPU, or RAM?

GPU. Typical laptop issues.

Gotta add xcom to it… AWESOME game, though its not off very much this sale…

Dang… im liking discourse more and more… that auto-embed thing…

Civ 5 is on sale, for the 99th time?

There’s a special bundle that includes all DLC/civilizations that they’ve created that’s on sale as well. (Can’t really link directly to that bundle unfortunately) Here it is:
The preview is failing to load, so here’s a direct link.

Tell me if the bundle is worth it for that price, I’ve been meaning to get it as an offline game for days when there’s no internet or it’s too slow (or LAN party :wink:) .

The biggest sell point for me is that it’s linux compatible :open_mouth:

I was so dumb about CivV. Back when I wanted all the DLC for every game I owned I bought so much of the CivV DLC and ended up not using any of it. I got the Gods and Kings exp and didnt even play that and luckily I stopped myself when the last expansion released. Havent purchased Anything Civ since and Im glad I havent. Game is good but get stale fast if you ask me.

Sadly I feel the same way about XCOM. I bought ALL the DLC for that game and while it was addicting in some respects it was also stupidly stressful and hard. I didnt realize til after I stopped playing that it had an actual story to go along with the campaign but even still, I couldnt bring myself to play it for more than say…12 hrs or so. I even bought Enemy Within and never played it. So frustrating. After all that…I toned down my DLC purchases.

In my experience, every game I played after highschool has become stale really fast. Sometimes even at a first glance (trailer/screenshots/gameplay). Complete loss of interest. Although I’m against the notion of eSports, CSGO has been the only game that I play and want to play. It’s more of a sport than a game I guess. And on days when I lose many games, I don’t think twice about going at it again - even though I should haha (taking a break is a good remedy to many problems imo).

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I know what you mean, it’s because of online games with instant gratification have spoiled us. I play more online games that Single player games because of the instant action and reward you get. It’s hard to start a new single player game and spend all that time exploring like in Fallout 4 but sometimes i need that and go back tit.

Although having said that I never got bored of xcom or enemy within i loved those games. Xcom 2 on the other hand is WAY too hard. If you think xcom 1 was hard then think again. It’s so hard i stopped playing it even though i love the gameplay.

I got the Gods and Kings exp and didnt even play that and luckily I stopped myself when the last expansion released.

Dude, you missed out… Brave New World was a great expansion pack, and completely changes the way the game is played… Much bigger change than Gods and Kings

I bought ALL the DLC for that game and while it was addicting in some respects it was also stupidly stressful and hard

Well, the game is supposed to be the typical tactical TBS game, Except that you care about your troops and get attached to them. In this respect it has done its job well. As far as being hard… you can just lower the difficulty… I didnt think it was especially hard… Then again I did just reload every time someone died…

Xcom 2 on the other hand is WAY too hard.

yeah its definitely harder than the first one However I think some of the new abilities and stuff balances it out. Namely stuff like the concealment mechanic and the sniper ability killzone. Nothing better than decimating an alien squad from half way across the map. Actually I lied, pistol wipping and headshotting a guy because he dared target your snipe ris just as good :smiley:

like… check this out… sniper just turns arround and blasts him :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

RPG Maker VX Ace is on sale for $11. This is quite a steal (full price is $70, many of us got it from the Indie bundle at $1). Please please please consider buying it, I use it a lot as a tool to quickly prototype and/or create adventure/RPG type games. (Props to @ghettosuperstar who tipped me off on this.)

It also has a serious Ruby back-end for hardcore coders (@Severok, I’m looking at you). Overall, I think it’s a fantastic tool for learning and making some games.

(How do you guys insert the Steam videos in here? -_-).
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I tried the free weekend and thought it was kinda…lame. How in depth can you even go with it? So many of the assets are DLC too. What am I supposed to do if Im NOT a hardcore coder? lol.