Test Topic Please Ignore

This is where I will be messing with various Discourse features that you can do in posts, and putting the code for them in code tags so people can copy paste and use elsewhere… This is also where I will list the plugins I have installed, and what features they add with regards to posting.

Posting Syntaxes

You can use Markdown. All of vanilla markdown is supported in posts. Most othe rsites like Github and Gitlab and stuff all use extended ‘flavored’ forms of Markdown that have additional features like tables and checkboxes and stuff. These are NOT supprted.

Limited BBCode is also supported. It supports basic formatting like bold and italics and stuff, as well as the code tags. I havent exactly tested the limits of this, so I will add more information as I find it out.

Limited HTML is also supported. Like BBCode, basic formatting is supported. I have explicitly enabled support for HTML tables until we get the promised markdown table support. I dont know the full extent of what is supported here either, but I think its probably extensive support than BBCode has…




I am a column I am column 2
100 200


<th>I am a column</th>
<th>I am column 2</th>

Apparently they will be moving to the github markdown way of doing it soon as mentioned here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/markdown-table-support-in-a-discourse-topic/13546/88. The Github way of doing tables is really nice, and documented here: https://help.github.com/articles/organizing-information-with-tables/. In the mean time, I have enabled the HTML tables thing, and that’s the way I have demonstrated above.