The Elder Scrolls Online

Who plays it on NA servers?

I picked it up during steam sale and would love to group if anyone is interested.

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I play it! So does Blood. We are both playing it right now actually. He also just recently got it. We havent really gotten together for anything yet (low level characters) but yea I love the game. Plan to have it installed for a long time.


YO! I’m playing it right now. I’m down to start a new character with you. Add me on steam: BloodMoney13

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Very cool! I just added you @BloodMoney. I have a Level 8ish Bosmer 2H/Bow Nightblade on AD. Currently in Aldemeri.

Also interested in the DragonKnight class so I wouldn’t mind rolling an alt if you or @roketfiq prefer to start from scratch.

This is an open invitation still btw, so if anyone wants to join, speak up!

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Dope, I’m down to play tonight. I’m free after 6pm PST

lol no, dont want to start from scratch. I have a nightblade as well. Lvl 8 Dark Elf dual wielding with a bow but mainly focusing on DW at the moment. Really like that gameplay more. lol I keep seeing 2H builds but for me it doesnt fit the look or premise of the class. Sneaky and large two handed weapon just doesnt look right lol. Love bow gameplay though. You can fire strong shots or machine gun it lol.