The Welcome Thread

I don’t think we have too many new people yet, but I invited one, so here goes.

I would like to welcome @silatsaif, someone I consider a good friend. We “went to war together” – we’ve collaborated on at least three or four games in the last couple of years (sadly, we didn’t finish any of them). Saif is an awesome artist and brit (hails from the UK).

Welcome @silatsaif!

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Welcome brother, I’m not sure if you have been recruited yet, but I look forward to working with you, insha Allah

@ashes999 I’m Australian by the way

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@Severok he has expressed interest in collaborating on The Game, so we’ll see inshaAllah.

BTW, I’m Canadian eh? (Hurrah for diversity on MG)

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lol do we really need two threads? Cant we just do this sort of thing in the other thread too? lol…


Assallamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

@roketfiq, ashes has crushed your monopoly on the welcome-thread market.

Lol, assalamualaikum @silatsaif.

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squints (20 other characters)

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Wasalam, hailing from the UK. Thank you guys for the warm welcome and insha’allah we will be able to collab on an awesome game together.


Salaams dude. welcome to MG.

Salaams guys

Just thought I’d pop in and say hi. Got referred by ashes, and was ‘multi-tasking’ during my latest meeting, so… :waves:


@ghettosuperstar and @silatsaif walaikumsalaam to you both. Welcome! What systems and/or games do you guys play on?

Very happy to see you here @ghettosuperstar, our friendship stretches back more than a decade. Welcome!

I would like to also welcome @XizorGetspeed, another long-time friend. Welcome bhai sahab!

hmmmm @ashes999 seems to be inviting all his friends very quickly…plotting an overthrow of @AbrarSyed maybe? :wink:


Salams all.

Thanks for the invite ashes. Real name is Mohammed Sheikh. Happy to be hear and looking forward to getting back into PC Gaming after a long while!

So much has changed and PC seems stronger than ever!

PC was always the master race


Oh and add me to gaming platform of choice, steam, origin, uplay,


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Welcome also to @mdeshmukh!

You guys may want to check out the upcoming Warlight tournament.

Walaykumsalaam @ghettosuperstar and @XizorGetspeed!
Assalamualaykum @mdeshmukh!

I invited around 6 people, of which only two took the bait.

I discovered around 5-6 more people who I never knew had any interest in games. A couple signed up and a couple are still bugging me about their invites not showing up.

It goes to show, you never know half your friends and acquaintances half as well as you like.

Perhaps if I get the Champion badge, I will be as powerful as @AbrarSyed, who’s the only one holding this badge now :smiley:

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