The Welcome Thread

Speaking of welcoming, I talked to my wife about joining but her reservation was that there are currently no women she can interact with. How can we come up with a sufficient solution to this problem.

I would wait for some sort of critical mass of sisters to join first (maybe with the public announcement). You just 1-2 groups of sisters who know each other, and you’re in business.

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I would like to welcome brother @adilpirzada, who I’ve learned and benefited a lot from. Welcome! :slight_smile:

I sense a civil war starting. /s :stuck_out_tongue:
Assallamu Alaikum and welcome

Salam All,

My name is Omar,
I was referred by @asad3ainjalout, interested in game dev and any dota related activities :grinning:


Assallamu Alaikum And welcome. See @ashes999, I will be brining in my followers now too, soon mg will be mine, ALL MINE!!! muahahahahahaha

Wa’alikum as-salaam! Maybe we need a DOTA2 thread or a “hey my steam user name is …” thread.

Thats a good point… I have added a custom profile field so yall can set your steam profiles. I am planning at some point to install the steam login button, so you can attach your MG and steam accounts if you so wish.

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Steam profile added. \o/

Welcome @waqar.khan01, someone from the field of social work mashaAllah tabarakallah.

Good to be here :slight_smile:

I have been looking into gaming apps for a while and a good friend has a few fairly successful games in the market (non islamic)

So i wanted to test the app market and launched my first app called AwayADay ( its available on android and ios.

I launched it on the 3rd day of Ramadan and its gotten 20k downloads and over 82k Sessions as per Google Analytics and Fabric :slight_smile:

To say the least… I am pretty happy with the foot into the app world and looking forward to doing both apps and games In sha’ Allah.

i have been a big time gamer but mainly paying Fifa, NBA, NFL etc.
All the sports i don’t play in real life.

Asallamu Alaikum and welcome

@waqar.khan01 that’s pretty awesome mashaAllah tabarakallah.

FYI we’re doing some sort of 30 day game development collaboration thing if you’re interested. Some details are in this thread. TLDR: Python and PyGame starting in August approximately.

Welcome to @sharjeelz922 @Fashariff @m.zahid333. Good IRL friends of mine.

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Assalamualaykum :slight_smile: