This is what I will be making for all the people who come to my house on Eid

Halal Geletin of course.


I have all these ingredients and my wife is out of the country.

…But I have no lego, so what shape to make…

Buy molds, any molds. Or buy a 3d printer for the kitchen, that way you wife cant get mad. Print out all the molds.

I have played around with the idea of building a little gantry like a 3d printer then setting up a servo controlled heating vat which I can fill with chocolate.

Control the temperature to slightly over melting point then use the servo to control the flow.

There you have it, chocolate 3D printer.

Alternatively it sounds like I could adapt this idea further to make a gummy 3D printer.

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I have no idea what you are waiting for

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Opertunity and resources mostly.

It takes a tonne of time and money to prototype hardware like that.

I have designs drawn up for stepper motor controllers and a USB drivern multi-purpose uController.
Early prototype designs for the ‘Sev-Tech modular robotics’ platform.
I plan Insha Allah to have designs sent off to PCB print houses within the next 2 months.

One thing I can tell you though, If I can build a chocolate 3D printer, the 1st thing I am printing is a chocolate moose.

In the meantime I have everything I need now to start Project Gummy.

Edit: And now we wait…

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Yessssssssssssss! Nice one Sev. Update us on how they turn out!

Well. They failed to set, but I will not be discouraged. I have plans for these little tubs of sugary goop.

The blue batch was made according to the video. It kind of holds shape, but has the texture of a soft gel or moose rather than a gummy. The other 2 batches I tried experimenting by replacing the water in the recipe with an energy drink. They have failed to set at all and are instead a sticky viscos syrup

could it be that halal geletin wont work as well?

You need that haram geletin goodness to make it work. Also might require some jinn magic


I am assuming batches 2&3 failed because I changed the recipe.

Batch 1 followed the recipe exactly in terms of ingredients and volumes.
The gelatine I used was plant based (Agar-Agar), which in all honesty can have a differnt texture to beef based gelatine, although when made properly Agar-Agar has a texture inherently closer to gummy than animal based gelatine so if anything it seems like it should have worked better. I know you can get certified Halal beef gelatine, so use that if you can find it.

Beyond that, I am not entirely sure if Australian Jelly is exactly the same as American Jello in terms of texture and sugar content so that could potentially also have an effect.

The other factor is also with the actual cooking process. The Video said to cook on a low to medium heat for 1-2 minutes then stir, doing this about 3 times. You will need to judge for yourself when the mixture has reduced down enough from a soup to a syrup. This itself is probbably key to success as leaving too much liquid in the syrup will stop it setting too well.

During my 1st batch, I followed the videos instructions closely and it seemed to over-reduce, my first pour was too thick even when hot, unlike the syrup in the video, so I returned it to heat with some extra water to have another go at it. This gave me a much better consistancy on the 2nd pour, so it is atleast possible to have a do-over if you mess up the texture while reducing.

As for my overall results, my attempt has failed as making gummies overall, but there is no reason for them to go to waste. They are currently like a heavy fruit flavored caramel, so I have put the trays into the freezer to freeze them soild. Later today I will melt down some chocolate then scoop out little balls of the frozen mixtures and coat to make jelly centred chocolates.

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^ Words cannot describe how awesome that last post is.

Jelly centred chocolates … :slight_smile:

:moneybag: SevCo Chocolates :moneybag:

Did somebody say SevCo Chocolates?

Note: The forum did not seem to accept my attempts to edit my previous post, so I had to delete it and make a fresh reply.

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