User Privacy and Site Transition

Salaam @AbrarSyed I have some concerns regarding privacy on the site. How much info can be seen by admins. Info such as passwords or messages or whatever else? And what can be done to safeguard it from even those “in charge” and once life, what is going to happen with the site specifically. Are we going to have a full “” site or what?

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I cant see passwords. I CAN see private messages, but only if I go use my admin powers to impersonate a user, and see their private messages. Technically, I can see anything stored in the database by Discourse because I manage the hardware. And technically my hosting company can see everything on my box, because they have hardware access. As far as I know, there is NO WAY for this all to be locked away from me, or whoever the admin is. I cant see passwords because they are hashed (one-way encrypted), and while I could probably break it in 100 years, its pointless.

I gotta say… by definition of an admin, they have all that info & control… and at some point, you just have to trust. And I would argue this is true with everything including gmail and stuff.

And yes, we will be moving to the official MG domain name, and get emails from said domain, and all that fun stuff.

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as for future plans… well… the plan was to have this is the testing ground. Invite only because I wanted trusted people in to decide rules and stuff, as well as for myself to learn how to admin and customize discourse. The plan was to nuke the server and start fresh after all that was done.

Now, it seems like the forum is socially starting up as well, so I think nuking is out of the question. But the rest of the goals for this temporary forum are still place. I will probably do a backup, then nuke, and selectively copy over certain threads, and delete others that I deem not suitable for public consumption.

I also have some discourse plugins I want to write that I have started on but not finished. SPecificalyl regarding some SSO (single sign on) with Steam and, for those that want to attach their account and stuff. Also have some more customization regarding profile fields (favorite games, and xbox live usernames and stuff), and maybe some random login questions to verify muslimness? Some other stuff ive been thinking about but no solid ideas on them yet.

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lol See, I didnt see that as the case. I think one thing that Ive good at is “seeding”. It falls in line with personality traits now that I think of it. By seeding I mean planting topics and starting discussions and planting the seeds of the forum to get it going. I thought this whole forum would be migrated (especially since we got the logo and color scheme down) and that everything I was doing would be preserved. lol.

I guess its good that things can be copied over though. How different will the full site be? Also, will stuff like our stats (posts, likes, thanks, trust level) be reset? I basically started using this site like I would the real and full thing. Thats also why I started inviting folks, though Id say I kept my invites limited to those I knew were with us before and close friends I trust.

Will users have to create accounts again or will all that migrate?

Thank you for clarifying regarding passwords and user info. I kind of misunderstood you from our previous Mumble discussion. That makes sense and I guess I can accept that. You’ll have to forgive the cynical nature of the questions. You dont trust easy and neither do I. lol. I wish you had let us know more before though. I could have directed my efforts to fall more in line with those goals.

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As for differences, this current instance is the playground. Whatever the final state of this current forum is, that configuration will be copied over to the new official forums. By configuration I mean logo, color scheme, rules, badges, posting limits, blah blah. Setting all that up is quite the learning experience for me…

I am actually not sure how how the migration is gonna go just yet, as far as whats gonna be deleted and whats not. I would still prefer that its a clean migration and noting copies… but then we lose some nice topics here… If we go clean, you will need to recreate everything. I will definitely make it invite only again for the first week or two just to get some actual content going before opening the flood gates. If I just move the domain and leave everything else intact, I think il just hide/delete some topics and leave everything else as is.

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