Warlight FFA #2 Thread

Assallamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

I hereby invite you all to the second official [MG] Warlight Free For All!
Please sign up below by pasting a link to your warlight profile in the comments section.
Signup cutoff will be on August 12th, 11:59 pm. That way we can start the match on the weekend.

We will be playing on the map Rise of Rome.
You may click the link below to plan your conquest.

Current Participants:

Asad3ainJalout -: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=9724744140
Mew -: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=5024747734
Severok -: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=4771211228
Wulf -: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=6171238515

I’m in.

I have to defend my title as 2nd best.

273 territories?

Sorry, as much as I desire redemption, I’ll pass this time.

I’m in as well

@ashes999 it will go by faster than you think

@asad3ainjalout someone once told me that life is like a plate. If it’s full, you can keep stacking more things on it, but you have to take something off first.

I denied it, then realised he was right – adding new things meant something would inadvertently fall off the plate if I didn’t pick something to sacrifice.

Warlight, DnD, there are many things I want to do, but priorities are priorities. InshaAllah another time.


Yet man can not live on meat and vegetables alone, sometimes you’ll need some sweet.

When you do, Insha Allah we will be here bro.


You do what you have to do :smiley: We are waiting if you want to come back.

lol it’s not like I’m just working. I have a game on the go (third iteration: prototype done, we’re extending it now), two game development projects (one dropped, one is going commercial inshaAllah), and a second business thing I have to monitor – all on the go right now, plus an extra project at work (gotta learn web techs again) and some other stuff.

These things have to take priority right now, but alhamdulilah they are all scoped small (1-2 months each). InshaAllah I am in for Warlight FFA #3 :slight_smile:

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@Wulf did you want to join this FFA?

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Yeah what’s this about 273 territories :open_mouth:

Today and tomorrow are the last days to sign up for the FFA

Oh no…
I can’t go into a 1v1v1 with Mew and Asad.
Where is everyone else? Is Wulf confirmed?
I need meat shields

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@Wulf is confirmed

54 minutes till the game starts, last chance to join the game.

Have you invited me to the game yet?
It just says that I am not currently in a game

I am creating hte game now. had dinner first.


Anyone want to ally?

The game has a public and private chat options btw.

-You got 3 days to take your turn or you get the boot!
-There is a phone app for both Android and iPhone which makes playing the game very convinient