We are live! LETS GO

Salaam everyone!

Alhamdulillah we are live! The website is up at muslimgamer.com


Awesome, It’s nice to have the forums up again.

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May Allah accept all the hard work that went into this. I know a bunch of you guys have been slowly chipping away at this for months to get it to where it is today.

Say ameen.

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Well done to all!

The site looks really good and I love the dark theme! Looking forward to chatting with you guys.

WOOOOOOOO! Nice work!

edit: wowow, just saw the blog! *whistle*

@Wulf WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! There’s so many new guys that play CSGO now! They need you back on discord

BM! CS consumed my life lol, I’m not getting hooked again!
Hope you’ve been well brother :slight_smile:

alhamdulillah man doing good, hope you’re doing well

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