What Game Should we Make?

TLDR: MG is Making Games

We’re collaborating to get our views and voice in the media through games as monthly projects. Here’s the first thread where we agreed to do this.

How to Use this Thread

  • Post your ideas. Try to include a description, fake screenshots, whatever helps people understand what your idea is and how it works. Even if you tweak other people’s ideas/posts and tweak them, that’s still valuable!
  • Vote on ideas. Whatever ideas you think you would really like to play, Like them.

Every so often, we’ll take the most-liked idea and work on it. Hopefully, with your help.

Past Projects

  • TBD
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An experimental educational game that teaches critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, forensics.

Crafted in RPG Maker VX Ace with @silatsaif. Goals are to teach, in order:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Given a bunch of data about a case, figure out what’s right and what’s wrong; work out the picture of what really happened.
  • Detail Orientation: small details matter. You should need to pay attention to figure out everything (eg. looking at items to find the bloodied one)
  • Forensic Sciences: Teach the real stuff, not how they portray it on TV. Eg. you may have three ways to sample blood for DNA and find out whose it is, but the trade-off is speed vs. accuracy.

Download it here.


A vertical infinite runner. You’re an asteroid/miner escaping a black hole, with your trusty jetpack and grappling hook. Click onto asteroids to grapple to them. Use WASD to fly. Rest to recover fuel, and to mine.

Play it here.

Planetoid Shooter

A 2D version of the excellent Space Trooper USA (flash game).

Prototype (ugly boxes but functional) is playable here.

Use WASD to move, click to fire. Use the mouse wheel to change guns; click-hold to charge the plasma gun. Watch out for the lava it creates!

Hybrid RPG

TLDR: it’s like FF7’s Golden Chocobo arena fight – seven battles in a row against increasingly powerful, possibly random enemies. The plot is something dark about religious oppression (throwing people of faith into a gladiator arena to fight until they die). Victory depends on learning about enemies and mastering which skills/equips to use against them (eg. ice sword + fire golem = win).

The battle system is trigger based (click to block special attacks like being poisoned, or to crit enemies). Play the prototype here.

Action RPG

Yeah, I like action RPGs. I gave up because the art is really too much for me.

You can play this prototype. You have different strength attacks (stronger = slower). You can even kill bullets!

Please weigh in your votes @AbrarSyed @Severok @Wulf

Strategy RPG.

Like final fantasy tactics or fire emblem but Islamicish. Either a period piece like FFA but without magic or a modernish piece with a fantastical twist like fighting jinn and others like shin megami tensai DS.

Players are given moral choices along the way that give a tactical advantage along the way, possibily gaining by doing wrong at the cost of lower moral/stats and biase results from the random number generator as they gain and lose iman


@Severok that sounds awesome. Reminds me of Ogre Battle, where you can recruit some very powerful (and evil) minions if you thoroughly blacken your heart. Or, you can go the righteous route and get the Brunhild Sword + whatever that was.

Eid Baloons

Simple Flappy Bird clone where you fly a dragon and collect balloons for Eid. Avoid buildings, pidgeons, and other contraptions. (It’s supposed to be a simple project to learn new technologies.)

Bonus points if you have different dragons with different ways they move or different powers or something. Can you flame-breath-BBQ pidgeons mid-air?

I’m with sev on the strategy RPG game. Jinns vs. Angels final fantasy tactics style game would be so dope. You choose path choices that allow you to recruit either jinns or angels

@BloodMoney please add a “Like” to Sev’s post


Typical top-down space-shooter, except you’re cast as a nano-ship inside a human body. You have very limited power and size, and have to make do with what you have against viruses, bacteria, and perhaps the body’s own defense systems.

Quests can include real medical stuff, like:

  • Delivering drugs to a target site
  • Attacking/destroying a specific part of the body
  • Targeting specific cell types

We can also include a really epic battle against a fast-reproducing cancer cell that keeps multiplying around you. That would be awesome.

Puzzle game:

An Idea I had for an Engineering/Programming style puzzle game.

Grid based puzzle game where you place down parts like Emitters, sensors, acceleration pads, break pads, reflectors ect to drive a group of charges around grid attempting to achive different outputs. Eg Build an AND gate, XOR gate, build a counter…

On the completion of each level your solution is graded in terms of the number of parts used (Price), the Amount of charges required (Power efficiency) and the number of clock cycles required for the output to be achived (speed). Those parameters are used to spawn a new part for subsequent puzzles. Eg completing the AND gate puzzle, lets you place AND gates in later levels with parameters equal to your scores completing that puzzle.

Essentially you are completing grid puzzles using parts that you designed yourself in previous levels. If you are finding that your solution is falling short (You are over budget, your parts are too slow to respond, etc) you can go back and refine your previous solutions to make your parts better in later levels.

Programming tutorial app:

Users are taught a programming language using an RPG system.

Starting with simple “Hello world” players complete simple programming challenges using a text editor that is parsed to a real compilier. Resulting program is run, accepting arguments from the ‘game’ with the results also piped into the ‘game’ to evaluate if the code worked correctly.

The players code is evaluated for code size and processing time in a test bed, player is graded and awarded XP for their effort.

XP is then spent in a skill tree, each node unlocking a new tutorial allowing the player to learn new commands, syntax and techniques. Eg spending points in the flow control branch of the skill tree might unlock a tutorial on for loops.

Each unlocked tutorial adds new types of programming challenges to the generated challenges.


@Severok I actually like that idea. As someone who wants to learn how to code but struggles with it and is slow to understand I think it will be a nice idea to have a game that teaches how to code/program or atleast understand the basics.

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@Severok I would consider inserting your game into a tank/mech/robots game as a programming component. Throw in opponents, parts to buy and upgrade, etc. and you have a solid, fun game.

eg. you spend budget to buy parts, then write code for different parts of your robotic device – maybe the CPU part, maybe the sensors, maybe the part that chooses which gun to fire, etc.

As you progress, you can unlock more programming tutorials and write more sophisticated programs to defeat your enemies. Battles will probably be automatic, or with minor player intervention.

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Take my money.

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The Adventures of Ibn Battah

You follow the adventures of Ibn Battah (“duck man”), a scholar, warrior, and intrepid adventurer, on a quest. Each gameplay, you get a different (computer generated) story and quest to deal with (eg. Ibn Battah and the Temple of Jinns, Ibn Battah and the Invasion of Gog and Magog, Ibn Battah and the Secret of Buraq, etc.).

The actual game plays out as a hybrid trigger-RPG (if you can call it that). You may have to explore ruins, team up with different creatures/clans, etc. in order to achieve your objective. It’s a good way to show Muslim culture and values.

Also, it needs a lot of research and art. Instead of reusing the oldschool lord-of-the-rings style fantasy creatures, we can make our own. (eg. did you know Buraq, the creature rasulullah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) rode on Israa and Mi’raaj, was neither donkey nor horse?)

I don’t have time to research and I certainly don’t have time to handle that much custom art, although I spent weeks (months?) figuring out how to generate a good, solid story and quests each time by code.

Please post your ideas @AbrarSyed!