What is Parenting

When one kid wants to play something, and another whats to play something else, what are you supposed to do?

And no, you can’t find a middleground between the two.

They do what I want to do, which is what neither of them want to do. That or they go wake up again and again and again till they can agree. (i make my kids lay down and then start the day again by “waking up” again.)

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@Wulf isn’t it a little early to ask this?

I give my kids rotations. Same device, same amount of time (regardless of age), same set of games they can play – no reason to complain.

“Sure you can play, just wait, your turn is in X minutes.”

By the way, rasulullah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) warned very much/harshly about parents who are not fair … one guy was like “yo check out this awesome gift I got for my kid” and he replied with “did you get the same for all your kids” and the guy was like “no” and he was like “do you want me to bear witness to thulm (zulm for you brownies)?”

Hence, equal-time turns on the same device :smiley:

Alternatively, I pull pre-approved web games onto a tiny static web app and let them choose from there. Again, equal time (games are broken down by age).

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@ashes987, it’s never to early to absorb knowledge from those more experienced! Granted, your statement stands because I’ll probably forget any advice I read when I do come across these situations XD

Still, if this is somewhere in my conscious somewhere down the road, I’m sure it will help. (iA)

But in honesty, this post came from a moment in my life where I didn’t know how to resolve a problem between my little brother and little cousin. And it was frustrating :confused:

Reminds me of
"[They] plan and Allah plans. Verily, Allah is the best of planners."

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