What to do with free upload bandwidth?


My ISP provides, alhamdulillah, free (unlimited) bandiwdth overnight (2am to 8am). I’ve configured Steam to download updates during this time; but more than that, I decided to download, and seed, some open-source software (such as Debian/Ubuntu ISOs).

I’m pretty sure I’m not uploading that might right now (stats are not available but generally we’re talking tens of megabytes per day). What are some other good, free (legit/legal) things I can seed during this time?

If not, what else can I put my bandwidth to good use for? I thought about being part of a free web crawler (like grub.org in years gone by), but that’s not entirely halal (you may end up indexing unethical websites) and I haven’t had time to complete and deploy my own open web crawler yet.

@asad3ainjalout maybe you have some ideas?

Well, having a torrent server (for legal stuff of course) running is pretty cool.

You could also start a youtube channel, upload at night.

Any other thing si can think of require donating your cpu speed as well which will wear down your cpu’s faster.

I am already part of World Community Grid as far as citizen science. That does chomp up my spare CPU/GPU cycles. I’m looking to use my bandwidth too.

I’m not running a torrent server (does anyone run a legal torrent server?), just hosting files like GIMP and stuff.

What would I put on the YouTube channel?

You mean a torrent tracker? No such thing as a torrent server really… I think @asad3ainjalout means to seed legal stuff, like Linux isos and stuff.

Asads suggestion of seeding sounds good.

If you have a large amount of hard drive space you could donate, then fill it with various recitations, texts (given they are public domain), halal media, FOSS software then just constantly seed them.

Maintaining seeds of Quran recitations will help ensure they are always available for anyone looking for them.

I am already seeding Linux ISOs and some FOSS. The problem is, I’m not uploading much per night. I guess there’s no demand, or the network of peers self-balances.

Islamic stuff, I expect even less demand…

Anything you guys want to add to my list? If you’re particularly interested in spreading something or making it generally available, I don’t mind seeding it for you. <3

Current list:

  • Sonniss.com - GDC - Game audio bundle (generic, 2016, and 2017)
  • Debian (2x DVDs)
  • Mishary Alafasy and Maher Al-Muaiqly Qur’an
  • Ubuntu 17.04 and 16.04 desktop

Tried GIMP but got almost zero downloads.