What Were You JUST Playing?!

God Almighty, why the hell does it have to be so convoluted to just GET the game. They have three different pages for Stonesense and then the LazyNewbPack and all that Im leet and above you BS before you can even download the game. Lord what is wrong with these fools. And ON TOP of that…I still have to learn the game. They couldnt just provide a “HOW TO” with the Stonesense page…no…that would be too easy…not leet enough. So many rods up dark places…

The game is worth it, There is no other game where you can separate dwarf babies from their mothers and lock them into cages, where they grow up constantly being prodded and poked by spears. Yes some will die, but the survivors will be the most awesome fighters you have ever seen.

No other game can a dwarf literally rip the tail (or any other limb) off of a dragon (or any other creature) then beat the dragon to death with it’s own tail.

No other game can dwarfs die of a small cut due to infection, or somehow survive being mauled by some creature because it missed all critical organs, yes the game checks for all that.

No other game is it even remotely feasible to turn some of your dwarves into vampires, if your smart enough.

I can go on.

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lol Asad…bro…that doesnt help me figure out HOW to get the game set up. lol. I am using the LazyNewbPack but even after installing the right graphics, it doesnt show the isometric view you showed us. How do I do it!?!

The game is boring once you know how to play it. Learning how to play is what makes it fun IMHO. Once you know what to do, you just go through the motions, or set achievements for yourself. Thats the point where it gets boring, at least for me, because no story line to keep the gameplay going. Its like minecraft, just gotta figure out what you want to do next. If you embrace that kind of play style, and get past the sub-optimal graphics, the simulation is unparalleled.

anyways, this will give you everything you need to get started: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/v0.31:Quickstart_guide
Know that I have only ever gotten to making weapons, but no military or hospital or anything fancy yet… thats about as far as I can get without getting distracted by something else.

The story is auto generated but is actually quite epic, Highly recommend reading some of hte lore that is auto generated.

By Story I mean I driving plot. That simply doesnt exist in Dwarf fortress. Its the story of the world as you build it, like MC… doesnt have a story of its own to drive you through though.

lol this is becoming a DF thread. What I meant by “Get it started” was actually get it running properly lol. As in load up the isometric graphics and learn how to run the game properly. etc. But thanks for the wiki, Ill definitely make use of it. Im like you though, if there isnt a story to drive the game, I have a hard time staying interested.

read the legends, pick up the history that was generated, gives the game a lot of context. dont read everything (it generates history for almost every main character) Just the main events, you may want to look up when warlords come to attack your fortress, chances are they have an awesome backstory. Sometimes its the garbage man who got frustrated and killed the last warlord.

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LOL, Garbage man FTW. Today I was playing this game in real life called biking. It was pretty fun. You guys should try it.

Also, had a blast playing checkers. I can’t wait for the final match :crossed_swords:

i played walk ina nice forest

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rolls eyes (extra 20 characters)

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Oh you mean that great new FreeToPlay MMORG everyone’s been talking about? there is a whole new subreddit for it as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/outside/

I fell for it T_T

I forgot the context of the last few posts.

I picked up a copy of Destiny for PS3 a few weeks ago because I saw it for about $10 at EB (Game stop?)
I put it in my playstation then walked away because it required something like a 7Gig update which took something like 15 hours to download.

So recently I came back to it and actually tried the game and honestly… It is a lot better than I was expecting it to be. Not a perfect game by far with the long loading times and infinite respawns (about what you expect from an MMO) but I have played a few missions and am honestly having fun with it along the way.

Does anybody else play Destiny, particularly does anybody play it on PS3?
I really would not mind starting the game over to run though the campaign with a team.

Yea, I agree that it isnt that bad. Bungie is still pushing it hard - they did put entirely too much money behind it after all. I played it on PS4 though and have since sold my copy. One thing I really appreciated with the PS3 version (played the beta on PS3 before it released) was that it was still a great looking game for what it was and the controls were pretty tight.

Finally got some screens:


Game is fun and addicting…cant deny it.

Starcraft 2 LotV:

I cant get enough of the game and the strategy and the competitive nature of it.

Elder Scrolls Online:

Currently playing my Nightblade and its great. Love the game.

Has anybody played Factorio?

I picked it up from GOG the other day and I am having fun.
Its a quick and easy top-down indi game about crafting and automation.

Basic premise is that you are stuck on an alien world and you need to ultimately build a rocket or something.
Gather resources, build stuff, build stuff to automate doing stuff. Research new things to build better stuff to automate more stuff better.
The more you build, the more polution you create and the more you attract hostile aliens.

For those who used to play the Minecraft Techmods like Tekkit, it tries for more or less the same feel of tryin to design and build an automated factory with various blocks and resources.

I love these sorts of design focused games, so if there are any recommendations please let me know.


I saw this! Looks like a hybrid RTS and city builder type game. I liked what I saw but dont want to get an Early Access game. That and Im not quite sure if its my type of game just yet. Definitely still on my list though.

Not really. It is more of a topdown survival crafting game with a focus on design and automation.

It is very slow pace, probably much better played co-op.

You start making a pickaxe and mining some mineeals, placing ore and coal in a smelter to make Metal.

You use that metal to make a coal powered automated mine to get iron ore for you because it is too slow by hand and your pick keeps breaking.

You smelt some more iron and you make a 2nd automated mine to get coal for you, leaving you running back and forth to keep things fueled.

When that gets annoying you build a conveyor belt to take the coal to power the mine for you, maybe even a return belt to carry ore/Metal back so a robotic arm can put them in a chest for you.

That is about the point you expand into finding an automatin copper. You build a big pump to bring sea water into a system of boilers attached to your existing coal conveyor network to run a steam engine to start generating electricity.

By this point you have a mess of belts and robotics everywhere, your supply lines are all backed up and your pollution spewing coal devices have attracted the local alien population who angrily devour you and your factory.

That is when you start again, determined to make a setup that doesn’t suck complete with turrets, belt splitters, automated crafting, optimised routing and maybe even a train network.

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I see, I see. Sounds interesting. Kind of roguelike too?