What's your favourite co-op game?


What’s your favourite co-op game?

Currently I’m having fun playing Borderlands 1 with my little brother. I want to know some other titles out there that have no sexual content, so I made this thread :slight_smile:

Feel free to list more than one!

Spaceteam, played on android or iOS, very fun, supports 2-4 players.

Rocket League, does have a split screen, can play on the same team.

Trine 1 and Trine 2, very fun coop game.

Magicka is also fun.

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Rocket league, though I guess that’s multiplayer co-op? Does 1v1 count as coop, or is it just players vs computer?

Portal2. The coop maps are the hard ones.

Dark souls series is pretty good, though a tad more complicated to work out.

Borderlands2 was fun in co-op, so it’s no surprise u and ur bro are having a fun time with borderlands1.

Any puzzle game can be co-op if u play together, like Antichamber.

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Diablo III? 4 player co-op

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:open_mouth: I didn’t know diablo 3 was a local/couch co-op! I’m going to investigate diablo further!