Wizorb any good?

Is it worth the $1.11?

I’m looking at you @Rec.

What exactly is so good about this game? Is it that it’s an RPG, with a pong battle engine? I don’t quite understand what all the hype was about.

lol Im not gonna lie, games that have such low asking prices (before sales) usually draw suspicion from me. I always have to ask myself…is this just some BS mobile port? And…half the time it is. lol.

Hmm, that’s a good point, I never thought of it.

Since you mentioned it (albeit in the Steam thread – it’s more relevant here) what exactly is your vetting process for games?

For me, I:

  • Check the historic lowest price and put a price alert on isthereanydeal
  • Google screenshots: does it look reasonable? (FTL didn’t. The graphics killed it for me.) This also quickly flushes out games like Mass Effect, which have … let’s say inappropriate content
  • Check on Steam that it has at least 200-300+ reviews, and mostly good ones
  • Read some of the negative reviews and tell myself: this is true, can I live with this?

I’m okay being less thorough for cheap games (under $2), because I usually get interesting ideas, tips, etc. as a game designer by seeing other peoples games.

arent all the naughty things in mass effect avoidable? kinda like how in witcher you have to go out of your way to pursue said naughty things.

So, I vet games now mainly because I had a serious problem when big Steam Sales first came around. I bought dozens of games I didnt play and taken up by any bundle that came around. I spent more money that I should have. That and I was obsessed more with having games than actually playing them. Fun was almost irrelevant. I was obsessed with getting the best deal or getting buzz games and eventually I knew I had to make it stop.

To change things I slowly developed a vetting process that reflected my values and exercised more self control:

What I Look At:

Cost: Am I getting a good deal? Am I comfortable with this price? Will I regret what Im buying depending on the package, content, and longevity of the game? I too look at historical lows but more to see what the current trend. Will the price likely drop a significant amount in the near future? Have price drops been in smaller or larger increments? How long til the next (predicted) price drop?

At first I only wanted the cheapest price and usually refused to buy otherwise but then I relaxed this a bit. I decided to buy any game I wanted as long as I was comfortable with the price. It didnt need to be the cheapest, just something I wouldnt regret. If I really want a game the price becomes less important.

Time Factor/Play time: How long will a game last? How much of a time commitment will it be? Generally (with exceptions) I prefer to get 2 hrs of gaming for each dollar I spend. Not everyone agrees with that but it gives me a starting point. At a minimum I want to get at least 1 hr for each dollar. Especially if a game is short or not very good.

Different genres also warrant different levels of evaluation. SP games provide a story and world… MP games provide a challenge consistent tests of skill. I usually dont buy a MP game unless I can rely on the playerbase and consistent updates and balance changes.

Reviews: I use reviews in few ways. One to get a summary of problems, two to see what users are saying, three to get an average of scores, four to get a glimpse into what gameplay looks like visually and mechanically, and five to get past the hype or reignite hype. lol. I look at Steam reviews and Amazon reviews and Gamespot user reviews and also wait for straggler reviews that come way after release. I also tend to ignore IGN and Gamespot and Polygon and all the other big names so I dont get the paid reviews first.

Fun Factor: Ive purchased so many games that I thought Id have fun with and no longer play. Sandbox games are the biggest offenders here. Im talking games like Minecraft and Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program and such. Games with nothing but you to drive the game. Nothing wrong with them, of course, I myself dont get enough out of them to justify buying them anymore. I recently got hyped for StarDew Valley for example and then ended up not buying it after getting a chance to try it.

Mood: What is my mood lol. Sometimes I just want to play MP games and could care less for getting lost in a story. I want to jump in and then jump out and move to something else. Then other times I want to destress and get lost in space or in a terrifying fantasy world or go through intense adrenaline rushes. Does a game Im looking at fit my current or past moods?

DLC: Finally, I look at what Im getting. Is it a complete package? And if its not, can I live without the rest of the game already makes it through the rest of the vetting process?

Anyway, this became one hell of a rant. Sorry for the wall of text.

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Yea. You can avoid all of it. I did and its easy to skip scenes. Thankfully they also dont put any story content in the Mass Effect or Dragon Age scenes. Witcher stuff is also skippable.

There was some stuff in the asteroid mission that wasn’t avoidable. Including swearing. That immediately made me put the game down (rule of thumb: if games/shows use that kind of content early on, it usually pervades later parts too).

I think I just generally prefer “G” or “PG-13” type of games. Dust: Elysian Tale is a good example of this. Lots of action, creepy monsters, etc. but nothing inappropriate.

Totally understandable. I get you. Have you ever looked into Pillars of Eternity? I dont know if it has any bad content in it (I think so but I havent played my copy yet) but Im sure you would enjoy it as a good top down RPG. The price has been dropping dramatically recently.

Wizorb was fun for the 20m I played it. It was an interesting cross between pong and RPG.

IIRC I picked it up as an item in a humble bundle just because it was a part of a package with something else I actually did want—so I’m probably not the best reference point.

Just realized the last post was 3 months ago… sorry. T-T


lol bad Recrimm, bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joining the necro train.

I will follow some excellent advice from Roketfiq: “Convince yourself not to buy it.” If I can’t do that, I’ll buy it. So Wizorb? Out.


Ashes please don’t end with #kthxbye. It’s like I have bad breath or something and you want to run away really fast T_T

but if I do, just PM me :wink:

I actually don’t mind the necro @Rec. I’m perfectly okay waiting 3-6+ months to buy something at a decent price.

Plus, Rec is one of those strange creatures that appears every month or so and disappears again. I should be honoured that #RecChoseMe #RecLovesMe


LOL! I didn’t know I was promoted to mythical beast status.

Wizorb adds story and powers built upon the core mechanics of pong in an old school RPG pixel art style. If that sounds appealing, it might be worth the $1 for you or your kids.

I didn’t find a ton of value in it only because I would rather play something with more story and gameplay depth—this goes for most casual, mobile-like games.

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