Anyone getting Battlefield 1?

Anyone getting battlefield 1? If so for which system? I’m debating if I wanna get it or not but there are enough people to play with I don’t mind getting it

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Was burned a bit with the launch of a Battlefield 3 and then burned more with battlefield 4 even though i upgraded my PC specifically for BF4. So this time I am not preordering, instead I am waiting and seeing what happens first. It’s not like I have a shortage of games, especialliy in the FPS department. Overwatch always entertains and Doom is still to be finished. Nearly there though.

Agreed. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because the initial reviews for the game by review sites are saying that its good, but yea definitely wait till the game comes out

Nope, I’m having enough trouble battling other things in life, don’t need another battlefield. :wink:

Waiting for a new rig to buy and play BF1 but Ill definitely have it on PC at some point. Post bugs and DLC is better for me.

Nope. I might be wrong but my opinion is, bf1 is basically the same thing as bf4 because it’s the same gameplay. Only different weapons and vehicles but gameplay with vehicles and weapons are kinda the same. But if u like it u should definitely get it :slightly_smiling_face: