Battlerite - Introduction (Repost)

You may or may not have noticed that Battlerite has been on the steam top sellers list. I had never heard of it until I saw it there. I was curious, had a look and it looked really good, so I bought it. I haven’t been able to play anything else since. It is THAT good. Last time I was this hooked was when I was properly introduced to Dota 2 by Asad.

It is basically the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions, but more polish and oh so much more fun. I never got in to Bloodline champions, but this is easy to pick up and hard to master.

Totalbiscuit approves and even casted a tournament last Sunday TB Link

Toptenhammer Battlerite top 5 reasons why you should invest in early access

Is Battlerite the next smashit Moba?

The Perfect MOBA for those who hate MOBA’s

Battlerite as told by steam reviews
This one is a good indications of what the game is about as well

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*figured it out! You have to put the link at the start of the line in order for it to pick it up.

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Hmmm I don’t like MOBAs but that’s because I’m bad lol

You said this is easier to pick up but hard to master, aren’t you biased because you were already into dota 2?

I think the people who were tired of the problems in LoL or Dota really found this fun because it took out some of the tedious stuff in MOBA games, not that people in general (like me) like it. What I mean to say is that most of the players playing it xome from a LoL or Dota background … Idk it’s just not appealing to me.

But I guess there’s the “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule.

GUYS! This game is ridiculously fun. I highly recommend it

You are right in saying that it is appealing to MOBA players due to the similarities they share. Namely Ultimate abilities and team fights. Apart from that it is absolutely nothing like what everybody understands and accepts a MOBA to be. I’ll explain:

Traditional MOBA’s:

  • 3 Lanes
  • Creeps waves every X amount of seconds
  • Jungle
  • Neutral (PvE) Monsters
  • Neutral (PvE) Boss (Roshan / Baron) that usually requires multiple players to kill
  • Respawn timers for each jungle camp
  • Pulling / Stacking (Dota exclusive)
  • Higher ground / lower ground (Dota exclusive)
  • You start at level 1 and max level is 25
  • You have to last hit / kill minions / creeps / heroes / champions / towers to gain gold and Experience
  • LOADS of items to buy in ingame shop - that give abilities / change / empower / strengthen you
  • Use the mouse to move around the massive map
  • Mini map / Map awareness
  • Usually 4 abilities sometimes more and one of them is an Ultimate ability
  • Casting abilities cost Mana (sometimes health or combination)
  • Abilities are a combination of skill shots and target shots
  • Matches last anywhere between 20 minutes to over 1 hour
  • Towers in each lane
  • Objective based games
  • You win by destroying the enemy base
  • You respawn when you die


  • Team fights
  • Casting abilities costs nothing, it just has a cool down
  • You move around with the WASD and aim with your mouse
  • All Abilities are skill shots
  • Matches last 5 - 8 minutes.
  • 8 Abilities to cast
  • You win by killing the enemy players ONCE
  • No respawn

It really is completely different from MOBA’s. In fact the game developers don’t refer to it as a MOBA, they call it a PVP Team Arena Brawler. And it is often compared with World of warcraft Arena, but without the grind.

It’s a shame that people confuse it with traditional MOBA’s because generally the people that don’t like MOBA’s will just not touch it and see it as yet another MOBA. When in fact it shares more similarities with Warcraft Arena then a MOBA.

Yes it is easy to pick and hard to master. That is not because of my experience with Dota though, in fact I went from Dota 2 to League of Legends because I enjoyed the simplicity of League compared to Dota 2.

So why is it that it is appealing to MOBA players? Well ask any Dota or League of legends player what are their favourite moments in their time with League or Dota. I guarantee you that they won’t say:

  • Farming
  • Buying items
  • Soloing the Jungle

Rather they will mention the exciting moments of team fights or that time when they solo’d 2 / 3 people or even got a Penta kill / Rampage.

Those favourite moments = Battlerite every match!

Hope that explains it

While I do agree with you, I also dont mind stuff like pushing lanes and farming and strategizing items and such. Like playing Natures Prophet. You warp from lane to lane and push and its about helping the team and fighting the bigger picture fight rather than a conflict between the players. Its a game of momentum. And lol I know you like DotA and agree. Just saying. Im one of those that just loves annoying the hell out of the other players by jumping lanes and pushing haha. The great escapes. Outsmarting. I guess all that is in Battlerite too though.

Of course and there is an appeal to that which I personally love as well. But you can’t compare an objective based game that lasts up to an hour or more to a game that last 5-8 minutes. And that’s what I was trying to highlight in my post. Will Battlerite replace dota and league? No ofcourse not because it doesn’t fall in the same category but Battlerite certainly has the potential to reach the same level of fame in the reports scene. It’s easy to pick and it’s fun to watch and simple to follow. In Dota you really need to know the mechanics of the game to fully understand what is exactly going on and Battlerite doesn’t have that restriction and considering the duration of each match I really believe it has the potential to be the most popular esports game.

Even if it doesn’t I’m having a ton of fun playing it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future

I think it will. So far its only growing even with a $20 entry fee at the moment and thats a good sign.

Is there any economy aspect to it? It’s sounding really similar to CSGO but top-down lol.

Oh and will they increase the price after release? :open_mouth:

No, no economy and it will be F2P when it finally releases.

But if you buy it now in early access all current and future champions will be free. They haven’t figured out what economy they want to implement, but I hope it will be a Dota economy with cosmetics, not that I’m worried because I will have all future champions free anyway.

By economy I meant in game eco, I.e. money to buy weapons every round.

Also, FTP? Suddenly I’m feeling very patient!

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No money to buy stuff in game required. You have Battlerite you can pick before every round and it is completely free. Yes it will be free but as I said before buying the game now will grant you all champions for free including future ones

lol Thulfi he means like in DotA2 where you have to obtain gold to buy new items to increase damage or blink or whatever. Or in CSGO where you get cash for kills or objectives and use that to get an AWP or SMG lol. Not microtransactions.

lol I know and that’s what I answered. You pick a Battlerite before every round, which is basically a modification or an addition to a current ability you use in game. And after that I was referring to the fact that you get all future champions free if you go early access which is exclusive to early access.

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