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Last night I played Forbidden Island for the first time. A coworker brought that in as well as Forbidden Desert, and another brought in Pandemic. We only got around to playing Forbidden Island, but it was pretty fun.

Overall I would say I prefer games where you are scheming against each other, more so than these “doomsday” coop game, but these aren’t a bad change of pace by any means

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how dare you sir, but to be fair, forbidden island was their first game
forbidden desert was the sequel and is quite fun.

I’m not saying I dislike it - I enjoyed it! However, I would rather play Risk given the chance. Granted these games are a lot easier to set up, don’t take as long, and quick to put away so there is a huge practicality advantage with these games

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I play Catan least once a week now. I love it…I’ve never tried it with all the expansions.

I also like playing Boss Monster…its not really board game and more of a card game.

If I could find someone to play D&D with, I would so do that too. I dont wanna go to the nerdy places that smell like doritos and mountain dew to play that game.

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your in luck, we are just starting a pathfinder game in the forums. right here

I played Pandemic for the first time just now and it was amazing. Really enjoyed it

What class did you play?

I like operations expert and contingancy planner.

I was the contingency planner. There were four of us: medic, researcher, quarantine person, and contingency planner. The medic and quarantine guy are so powerful. Trying to win without researcher would also have been difficult.

Apparently the same has a very low win rate, so I’m glad we pulled it off on our first try. We might need to try again with another epidemic card in the deck because I didn’t think it was THATTTTT difficult

Medic and Quarantine complement eachother really well. As does Quarentine and dispatcher.
Researcher pairs really well with scientist.

Medic is OP, which is what you really want in a purely Co-op game.

there are 3 styles of roles:

Infection control: including Medic + Quarantine. These players are tasked with controlling infections and preventing outbreaks.
Research: Including Researcher and Scientist. These players are tasked with the end-game goal of reached the cure. They should accumulate city cards and attempt trading between players to reach the needed sets as fast as possible
Movement: Including Operations specialist and Dispatcher (and partially contingency planner). These players are responsible for supporting the other players and getting them where they need to be.

If you know your role then things should work out provided you play your part right, eg when I play Operations expert I know my role is establishing a quick-travel network around the world. I more or less ignore the infections and research, playing my city cards to move around the world quickly while planning out locations for centers that will ensure every city is easy accessible.

By doing my job, I know that I am contributing more to the teams success than if I wasted turns attempting to cure or contribute research as the medic and quarantine can now get to literally any infection in 1-2 turns while the researcher is never too far away from another player who is close to a cure.

Definitely try it on a harder difficulty. The game is far more fun when you have 3 new infections popping up every turn. If you don’t have atleast 1 or 2 cures in place before then, chance are that new infections will be spreading much faster than you can cure them.

My only real complaint about the game is the game ending when you run out of player cards… The infection is still under control, we don’t have mass hysteria but we somehow ran out of time?

I agree about the player cards running out. However, if that weren’t there the game would be too easy. Once all of the epidemic cards have been picked the game becomes quite smoothe. The medic can sweep diseases off the board, and you just keep the quarantine guy next to the troubled areas. We had eradicated one of the diseases, and could have eradicated them all without the time bomb. This becomes even more true once a disease is eradicated. With one disease eradicated, 1/4 of the disease cards that we picked didn’t do anything, and it only gets easier from there.