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@AbrarSyed - Enialis Liadon
@asad3ainjalout - Glumli son of Voignar
@Rec - Recrimm the Wolf
@Mew - Sullyra the Dancer

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Welcome back. Are we ready to do this again?
For new and returning players alike we are re-opening MGD&D.
A little bigger, a little better and Insha Allah a whole lot faster.

We are shifting from D&D 3.5 -> Pathfinder and replacing the previously drawn out combat scenes with realtime sessions with character and story development taking place in forums as usual.

As always as GM I prioritise player freedom and fun over my story or game mechanics.
I will set up the world and provide story hooks, but you play your way and the world will develop around you.

You want to stab the main quest giver in the face without provocation and adopt a life on the run instead? Cool, your new questline awaits.

You want to make a unique character with custom mechanics? I’ll work with you to build a balanced class. I don’t allow Mary Sue (Flawless OP characters eg:“The One”) so I will create entertaining penalties to reign you in (Eg Wolf-boy from the previous game had a beastlike NPC personality that has a chance to take control every day, when stressed or severly hurt that would likely murder the party if let loose).

You have a secret backstory and want to portray a false identity to the rest of your party? I will maintain your character sheet in the background while presenting a fake character sheet to the rest of the party.

Do you want to play but want to be an antagonist? We will figure it out, maybe running a side game in PMs presenting your actions to the main party as the actions of an NPC.

I directly reward player involvement and roleplay by adjusting roll requirements.
You want to climb a 20m tall wall? That is a DC25 Goodluck.
You want to climb a 20m tall wall, suggesting that you will grapple decorations and defects between the bricks? Roll a spot check to lower the climb DC

You get caught in an area you should not be in and want to convince the guard you are innocent? That is a Speech DC25
You get caught in an area you should not be in and you come up with a reasonable excuse to convince the guard you are innocent? That is a speech DC10.

You want to use literally anything in the world as a weapon? I have the tools to work out a reasonable set of weapons stats and penalties. So lets buy a bunch of vials to smash into glash shards to keep in a bag to throw in the eyes of your enemies when you need a quick getaway.

Who is in?


I am in, inshaAllah, as a secondary/tertiary player.

ME!!! ME!!! I’M IN!!! (@AbrarSyed why does my body have to be “A little more Descriptive”)

Im in too, but I think id prefer to not b a wizard this tame… maybe a sorcerer? or someone less limited to one-spell-and-die encounters…

@asad3ainjalout because discourse has sophisticated spam filter, and I cant do much short of disabling it. I have never seen that specific message before though

You know I’m in. If you guys would be cool with it I wouldn’t mind GMing a different game once I get the rules down. I have a lot of ideas for content

Also, we should discuss how to improve our forum based approach. I remember we talked about this a little previously, but I’ll bring it up again. Something I noticed was that players would respond to posts from the GM, but often miss posts from each other. It makes the game lose the flow of a “story.” I think it’s worth while emphasizing that players read the GMs most recent post as well as the subsequent posts before replying themselves.

Obviously if you’ve made your character to be such that he ignores other people, that’s something else


I was reading every post of this last time we had it , I definitely want in this time!

You have my bow! (though as it may, my sword has historically been more accurate).

So we have a team of 5.5

I am currently imagining Ashes running a rebooted Abdullah as some kind of Item vendor.

Asad is currently directing me towards resources needed to GM a pathfinder game, so I will be reading over the new rules and preparing a campaign soon.

First though I belive you were all wondering what was awaiting the party of RavenHome
so without further delay, here is what happened so far (To the best of my memory):

The team had arrived at the town of Ravenhold at the request of the town guard, tasked at finding a number of missing towns people. The disappearences had started with a group of wood workers who worked in the forest outside of town followed by an equal number of assorted people almost a week later and the town mayors own son a few days later.

In addition to the disappearences of the people, nature in the area had become to act unusal causing most animals to flee, the local wolf population to become unaturally aggressive and plantlife to decay in some areas with the exception of an unsual black flower.

After introducing themselves to the mayor and initiating their quest, the party had split into 2 teams with one investigating the forest attempting to track the missing villagers and unusual state of the forest with the other venturing to a nearby town attempting to track a lead on the mayors son.

The forest team tracked down the location of the lumber camp, and having defended themselves from a ravernous wolf pack, they searched the camp finding a hidden stash with an occultist book.
Further searching the forest the team was lead though both the Arcane divination of Enialis and the Paladin Abdullahs talent for sensing evil to the long abandoned monestary on the clifs above which give the town of Ravenhold its name.

The monestary land feels long dead with plantlife refusing to grow in its’ presence with the exeption of a striking black flower that seems to take delite in the lifeless earth. Within the compounds grand hall the forest team finds evidence of occupation and follows a path down to the basement. Enialis dispatches his bird familier with a message for the other party, alearting them to their discovery and requesting their assistance.

Meanwhile the City investigation team leaves Ravenhold following a lead by a town guard who had admitted that the kidnapping of the mayors son had been a ploy to force the mayor into serious action. attempting to track the movements of the mayors son & nanny, following what clues are avaliable to them, aided by Recrimms hunter and wolven senses, they find the body of the nanny in a forest clearing. The woman had passed from what appeared to be an arrow of unusual design fired by a skilled hunter as she had been fleeing in the direction of Ravenhold.

Part of the forest bordering the ancient monestary has given way to unnautral decay. Recrimms hunter senses along with his interactions with Ravenholds resident appothicary alerts him to the unnatual state of the forest, drawing around the monestary as an unnerving focal point. The forests animals have long since departed with the exeption of the intelligent and territorial wolves which show signs of terrible hunger and stress leading them to become unaturally aggressive. In exchange for a promise from the hunter to preserve the lives of these beasts as much as possible, he has been taught of a strange new flower native to this new decay that forms an excellent paralysis poison. Recrim takes note of the shear number of these until now rare and unusal flowers bordering the base of the cliff underneath the monestary as he takes some samples in his pack.

On reaching the city the party sets about exploring as they draw the attention of a team of pick-pockets. Being more skilled than antipated and lacking in good-humor, the city team disupts the pickpockets and manages to apprenend one of their crew, enlisting his services in enchange for his freedom and continued use of his limbs. On reaching the home of the men hired by the guards, the team finds the kidnappers long dead with the mayors son nowhere to be found. A diary suggests that Ravenholds mayor has obtained his position though connections to a criminal organisation and the kidnappers had decided that more coin could be earned by selling the boy to a rival instead of merely returning the boy later as originally promised.

Summising that the nanny had escaped the slaughter and fled back to Ravenhold, only to be tracked and disposed of by the men now in possession of the boy.
Using the rouges local knowledge the party finds the local fletcher as the rouge obtains a business ledger identifying the coins used by these men came from an empire far across the seas to the east, soon confirming that a group of men with a small boy had recently obtained passage out of the city to the eastern empire.

The city team now has a lead on their target, but must delay until a ship can be readied. As they contemplate their next action, Enialises familer reaches them requesting their assistance in the monestary, to which they agree.

The Rouge is released from their services, but seeing an opertunity for wealth, decides to stick with the party hoping for a share of what ever loot they may happen across.

In the monestary, the forest party decends the stonesteps into the basement, entering into a bare stone room. From the shadows they are set upon by the twisted visages of decades old corpses, energiesed and twisted though dark arts with a soul-less hunger, Shreaking as they attempt to tear the party to shreads and feast using claws and teeth fashioned from shards of broken bones.

In the chaos, the Paladin Abdullah is mildly injured. He moves with rage unbecomming of his nature. The party holds their ground and manages to end the abominations unnatural lives, but they must wait for their friends to arrive before they can find the strength to move further. Abdullah is noticeably irritable as the presence of this unholy place seems to be driving him further and further at the edge.

The City party reunites with the forest party, and the newly conscripted rouge offers to scout ahead, disappearing though a nearby door, deeper into the monestary catacombs.

So is the goal to finish “Raven Home,” or are we not able to because the character sheets and what not are lost?

We are starting a new campaign.
Ravenhome is too long ago to keep the storyline and characters consistant enough to work properly.

In addition to this, I am sure that a few of the party would like to roll new characters at which point we should have a new story to go with them.

Now for the planned conclusions:

At this point the party is reunited after following leads culminating in their investigation of an ancient abandoned monestary. The rouge Darius scouts a section of the connected catacombs finding simple yet muscular looking men dressed like novice clerics. Their appearences are more those of labourers than holymen and their assortment of weapons suggests that they are the original group of wood workers who first disappeared from the town.

Avoiding these men where possible, or dispatching them when given no other choice, the party find a holding cell near a large hall. The cell contains an assortment of villagers abducted from Ravenhold.

Each of the villagers had lived alone in the town and had been visited by one of the wood workers who had claimed to be in need of food and aid having just escaped from some bandit. On entering the villagers homes, the men had quickly subdued their victims and snuck them out in the darkness of night. Thus an equal number of villagers disappearing to the original woodworkers.

The connecting chamber contained a large stone slate of purest black standing in the centre of the room, the floor covered in a complicated pattern of circles and lines intersecting at odd angles in a carefully calculated chaos. At each focal point an alter for the kidnapped villagers that were to serve as the climax for a ritual months in preforming.

This location Abdullah, Enialis and Recrimm know immediately is the source of this lands unnatural decay and chaos.

Abdullah charges into the chamber disrupting the ritual with his team close behind him.

The lead cultist appears to be a stocky man, very unlike the former woodsmen serving him in a dark clock with a face that feels strangely uncanny and eyes that stare like the void itself. With a cold rage born from the disruption to his work, he lunges towards abdullah wielding a blade of strange steel and a glowing red jewel emblazing its hilt. As he rushes forward the curves of his cloak shift showing outlines hinting the man is unaturally slim and twisted, not unlike the twisted abominations earlier.

The party battles, subdueing the cultists. Life drains out of the lead cultist as his sword falls to the ground, his body cold and still as if he had not moved in a decade atleast.

Enialis examines the stone slate in the centre of the room, scrying to make what sense he can from its apparent importance. He finds small sections where the arcane weave seems to resonate. little by little he traces a vertical line down the centre and extremities of the stone. Taking a step back he looks at it again to realise what he had just witnessed, A large doorway made of stone anchored against unseeable hinges reaching into realities beyond and sealed by ancient forces.

Had the ritual been completed the seals would have shattered and what ever waits beyond would have free passage into this hall and world beyond.

As Enialis shares his findings with the party and they debate its nature, Abdullah is instead transfixed on the strange sword and glowing gem laying on the stone floor near the cultist leader. Placing his hand upon the sword, he drops his own uncermoniously and claims the new blade as his own. No longer having intrest in this scene he waits quietly for the party to finish their exploration of this chamber, dividing what loot is avaliable. The rouge darius eyes the sword now grasped by the Paladin (With what is now described in the item descriptions as having a dull blue jewel) but is not willing to approach the cold looking man to debate its’ ownership.

The party depart from the monestry leading the recovered villagers behind them as they see a tower of smoke raising from the appoximate location of Ravenhold

Rushing back through the forest, they break though the treeline below to find the town ablaze.
Members of the town guard are attempting to rush people to safety in the clearing outside of town while others are attempting to hold a perimeter.

Urgently seeking the captain for information they find that in their absense the mayor had discovered that the town watch had been responsible for his sons disappearence. Fuled by rage and paranoia he became convinced that the town had consipired against him and struck out in an act of revenge, turning his closest guards and personal body guard all aquired by his criminal connections loose on the town to burn and ransack what ever they can.

The party fight their way through the streets, attempting to rescue any villagers they come across as they reach the courtyard of the mayors manor. Watching the chaos in the company of his personal bodyguard with a sense of unstable glee, the mayor waits for the coming conflict.
The body guard charges the party, she is a skilled fighter and likely an underworld cleaner.

Outskilled, but with superior numbers the party subdue the body guard and turn their attention to the mayor. Alone he is nothing special, a political man and no longer of physical threat. The party debate their next action as Abdullah steps forward wordlessly and places his sword into the mans ribs down to the dull blue jewel on the hilt.

Wordlessly he reclaims his blade and turns to the party. His eyes are cold and he walks past without a word of defence for his actions. He steps into the street and disappears into the smoke without even glancing back to his silent former party.

Days pass and the remaining party finish what they can stablising what is left of Ravenhold and its’ people. They discuss their options and talk of their friend. There has been no sight of Abdullah since that day and no light on the reasons for his actions. They can not remain however, as there is still work to be done. An east bound ship is waiting for them in the neighbouring city destined for the Far east empire. They could do nothing for the farther, but the innocent son still awaits captive.

  • Act 1 end.

My plot lines for Acts 2 and 3 were much more vauge at this point, as I plan the story lines using plot elements and hooks rather then writing the story before hand.

This way the game can develop more natually around the decisions the party makes instead of me trying to rail-road the party the direction I want them to. I will skip most of my hooks here as Insha Allah I can recycle some in the upcoming campaign, but the intended storylines were:

Act 2: Homecomming

This act follows the party to the desert empire of the Far east.

They attempt to seek out the criminal elements for leads on the late-mayors son so they can bring him back to his homeland and try to reunite him with remaining family.

Their attempts to get closer to the criminal underworld has them marked by the guards as mercenaries and they are caught between trying to get closer to their targets and avoiding arrest.

During this quest-line a vendor is discovered selling a striking black flower he claims was sold to him by a local caravan, suggesting that the flower is not unique to the Ravenhold incident. This carries implications that if the flowers growth was indeed connected to the Ravenhold ritual, it may have been more than just a single isolated event

Act 3: Ravens’ Dawn

The final act has the party return to Ravenhold having recovered the late-mayors son.
Here they hear reports of the black flower appearing across several location with rumors of a strange symbol described as similar to that carved in the wood-workers shed being scrached into walls and posts in seemingly random places across several cities.

The Ravenhold incident is more or less confirmed to be part of a larger campaign and the party decide to travel the land with the earliest reports of unnatural decay, The homeland of their former companion Abdullah which had been setupon by plauge resulting in the novice Paladin having been dispatched by his order to investigate Ravenhold instead of a more seasoned member.

This act goes deeper into the now fallen Paladins backstory as the party race to find the source of the cult and their rot.

The party ultimately find Abdullah leading his former enemy, still grasping his strange sword with its dull blue stone. In his eyes a cold darkness has displaced the warmth of their old companion as ultimately the spirit in the once bright red jewel at the hilt of his blade has displaced him from his own body.

The party must face against their old companion, either to the Paladins redemption or his end.

(is it too late to join)

Not at all. Sign ups for the new season of DnD are open to all

The story ended up being a lot longer than I had anticipated. I thought that monastery in “Act 1” would have been where the son was being kept, and all adversaries dealt with

And getting that far only took us a year!

Had we stuck to the original story and play style it is possible that my son might have joined us before the end.

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Cool I’m in

I will need help building a character though, don’t really have one yet

@BloodMoney no worries I don’t think you’ll be the only one setting up a character. Did you happen to read any of our precious game on MG?

@Severok lol I know. “Hey guys, so I came up with our first story. It’s called Raven Home and should take about a month” :joy:

I have been discussing it with Asad, and this time we will use a few programs to help out.

To start with we recommend this program to help with character generation and maintenance

If possible I would like players to generate their characters soon as knowing who is playing will help me plan the settings and plot lines.

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Touche. This is why I love you guys. rofl.

Ha ha ha
(More descriptive body)

In fairness though the story was made with multiple stopping points with the full story in separate parts in case the party wanted to keep going.

We could have ended after the ravenhold incident in the Ravens home arc, ended after Homecoming or after Ravens dawn.

I also have an alternative ending for the Raven home arc if the party decisions allowed the ritual to complete without obstruction where a sudden explosion on the cliffs destroy the monetary as the stone gate is opened and a grand demon is released on the world. In this arc the party fights a hopeless Campaign against the demon and it’s cult.

The demon is unthinkably strong and the party have no hope as whole cites burn. The party can only watch the beginning of the world’s end