Final Fantasy XV - World of Wonder Environments Trailer

Pretty spectacular. Cant wait to get more into FF9 and FF10.

never been a fan of it’s combat to be honest.

Its current combat or the combat of the past games? Right now its an action game but the previous ones were basically turn based for the most part. FF12 and FF13 were more energy (?) based. I really enjoyed FF12. Now playing FF9 and 10.

that turn based combat thing, its why after beating the first pokemon game i never played any more after that.

Ahahahaha. I see. I like either or. Turn based when Im looking for something different and action when I want to feel like my input directly feeds back to what happens on screen.

I dont mind turn based, its just that that specific type of turn based combat feels very un strategic to me. I did enjoy civ 5, battle for wesnoth, hearthstone and scrolls

pretty hyped for this even though i didn’t like 13