Free Humble Bundle Exlusive for Duelyst ($30 value)

I from time to time check Humble Bundle and it seems they ahve some free content for Duelyst (free to play game). I thought let me give it a try and it’s actually a fun game. Give it a try with this free content as well

All you need to do is give your e-mail address:

FREE Humble exclusives for Duelyst!

Fancy free Duelyst exclusive content, only from Humble Bundle!
Enter your email address to get these dual Duelyst keys right now:
     - 20 Spirit Orbs ($30 value) for new accounts
     - Cosmetics Bundle with Legendary FOG Emote Set (2x), Legendary Humble Bundle Card Back,
        and Keeper of the Value Skin + 1 Legendary Keeper of the Vale

Just got it. Thanks. :D. Havent checked out the game yet.