Google starts tracking offline shopping

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one more reason not to trust google.

unfortunately… who wants to move to the mountains with me? XD

im already on archlinux :smiley:

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LOL Asad. Comparing arch linux to the mountains was brilliant but I hardly think it’s an accurate correlation. IMO FBI/CIA/NSA already have found vulnerabilities in arch (through the AUR most likely) so it’s not like we’re unexposed! It could be just a harmless update of an AUR package which is maintained by NSA :frowning:

Tangently related, one of my co-workers recently told me something odd likely to do with her Android phone.

On several occasions (currently about 4-5 instances, atleast one I have witnessed) she will be talking to people in everyday face to face conversation. A little while later she will recive advertising in her Gmail inbox relating to something they were talking about. Not using the phone at the time, just sitting on the desk idle while she was actually talking to someone face to face.

For example she was driving somewhere with a friend and they talked about her wanting to renovate her front patio. She received an advertisement that afternoon for a building company offering patio renovations.


That’s a good start to a bedtime horror story lol

Time to install lineageOS :D. I actually recently quit and refuse to go to Discord for the same exact reason. Their new privacy policy is outrageous. Unfortunately, I am the only one who was outraged enough to leave lol. To be fair, now that the MG community is entrenched on discord, it will be hard to move…

/sigh, rocket chat showed so much potential too.