HumbleBundle DRM Freedom Sale

Salaam, so I got an email today announcing the start of the HumbleBundle DRM Freedom Sale:

Many of the games give both a Steam code AND a DRM Free copy. Im thinking about picking up The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky but I have quite a few turn based RPGs to play still. Not sure if I should lol. Im embracing DRM free more and more though. Especially since all of my siblings game and its easier to put games on different computers that way.


Well y’all should definitely get Dust, an Elysian Tale, nice short ARPG with fun combat and story.
And get Risk Of Rain, I want some MP coop friends


Dude! I’m down for RoR! I have it and I like it but it’s hard lol.

Yeah it is a bit hard, but it’s so much easier with coop