I'm messing around with Discord

Salaam guys,

As per the very long discussion about mumble I’ve actually been looking into discord because a friend of mine is admin to the channel and showed me some really cool stuff. I know the main concern with mumble for some was that mumble was too ‘private’. So i’ve been messing around with it and I’ll let you know if its a better option

come hang out while I mess around: https://discord.gg/014bTeRml9jFy1HHI

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Wa’alikum as-salaam,

I don’t usually have headphones and I’m a text-chat person. Is Discord right for me?

Yes! discord has a very robust chatroom design, you can even look through the chat history for what you might have missed, no talking required

But does it allow for voice? Id rather not abandon that functionality.

Yes voice is there as well

So if voice is there, and everyone on MG uses voice, is there much point in me using it?

right now me sev and rocket are all on, we are able to use voice but are having a lot of fun using only the texting

try it out I’m 100% sure you will like it, we love it so far

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So discord is pretty dope so far and it has a lot of moderation tools that we can use to our advantage. Only problem was that it didn’t work correctly on linux. If all you linux guys can do a little testing and see if it works then I think we can go ahead and use this as a our official voice/chatroom


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I agree that Discord is awesome. I really like it and the whole persistent message/chat is also growing on me. I like that we have the flexibility if we need it and that we can do voice. I will say though, we need to test voice so we know its good enough quality for us. Also, it does allow for rooms right? Like if all of us want to play SC2 together but not disturb the main room.

Yea testing the voice is the next step I’ve used it when playing overwatch with a bunch of my friends and it works fine. Yes you can create an infinite amount of rooms and setup different permissions for them depending on user roles that you setup. For example I have a room called the “Throne Room” which can only be entered by admins

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I’m on Linux and I don’t see any issues with it, other than the airhorn sound being quite faint.

FWIW I’m using the web client, if that matters, inside an Ubuntu VM.

Airhorn does not appear to function under Arch

It was working for abrar though, I believe he also uses arch

@AbrarSyed how did you get it working?

I just installed the discord canary from the AUR, it worked great

Airhorn is working for me as of last night.
I did nothing to fix it, but there you have it.