Login and Authentication methods

Hi guys, so right now you log into discourse as a separate account. What do you guys think about integrations with other sites for logins? like Facebook and google login and stuff? To be clear, this wont replace the existing login mechanisms, just add to it.

  • Facebook auth
  • Github auth
  • Google auth
  • Twitter auth
  • Steam auth
  • Others/Custom (please post)

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I voted Other to signify Im okay with separate accounts. If I use Steam then Ill have to use my authenticator each time I log in at work lol. Because I clear my browser cache and history each night.

This is pretty cool, it will make it easier to manage passwords XD

To be clear, this wont replace the existing login mechanisms, just add to it.

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Yes, yes, I knoooooow.

I love how easy it is to change your login info compared to the old site

Yeah it’s pretty cool. No disrespect to OG though. (Original Gengis)

Hmm… I clicked reply to mew but it didn’t reply, it just posted. Second time this has happened T_T

so… looks like Steam Auth is the clear winner here, with google auth and github auth being the runner ups.

That means il go ahead and implement steam auth for now, and maybe add the other ones if there is more interest

SO you know whats really lame? Discourse doesn’t allow you to associate multiple other accounts with your discourse account after the original registration…

That being said, I have enabled github and steam registration.; but its only useful when we go public, which will inshallah be very very soon (this weekend inshallah)


Nice Abrar, the login is looking good :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing the login Abrar!

IDK if anyone else was having trouble logging in, but now it’s fixed!

Good goin Abrar. Thanks for all the great work!