MG Discourse Pilot

Sallams everyone,

Abrar here, your new MG admin. Gengis doesn’t have time for this nowadays, so I am taking over the technical and financial (for now at least) responsibilities of keeping this place online.

You will have noticed that the site is Invite Only. This is intentional, as I dont want it growing all that fast, or opening up to potential spammers right now. I request that you invite only others from the old guard of MG, and that you leave out anyone that you dont know very well. When I feel the time is right, the forums will be made open for anyone to register, and I will have Gengis fire off the email to everyone who has signed up on the tell-me-when-MG-is-back list.

I need suggestions and stuff from yall for stuff like logos, badges, and the general preferences for what you think this site needs.

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This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


This is awesome :slight_smile:

How do we invite people?

Its in your profile settings, pretty sure everyone can invite. Lemme know if you cant.

Do you mean the preferences?

I guess it’s an admin thing!

:open_mouth: Gengis, I saw the history of your message XD
Looks like deleting a message doesn’t really delete it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think thats a convenient rule…

reporting you to gengis for invasion of privacy. This isnt the way MG used to be run!!! I demand the mods ban people. I remember when the old MG was nothing but Muslim gamers just getting along. I demand mods reply!!!


@Abrar yeah - also it forces people to think before they type :slight_smile: life lessons and stuff

May Allah accept your efforts and reward you guys. Excellent choice of platform mashaAllah tabarakallah @AbrarSyed !

8 minutes and still no mod reply??? 8 minutes and no bans???

Im going back to IGN forums!

Edit: Gengis would have replied and sorted this out straight away!

###Admin edit: User banned for questioning the dictator



hahahhahahahahahhahaa this is great

So I did some research, and apperantly you have to be trust level 2 in order to invite people. ANyways, I made the default invite trust level to 3, so anyone you invite will immediately have the power to invite. I also promoted you all to trust level 3.


I just saw some really awesome updates. Does Discourse auto-update itself?

No I update it. But it updates often, and emails me when updates are available.

We need (by order of importance):

  1. Vision and mission statement to guide the growth of this global organization Note: If we are serious about Muslim gamer becoming a thing, we need legit people to put effort behind it. If we just want to hang out, this is less imporant, either way the vision and mission should clarify our goals.

  2. Rules and regulations to keep the peace and unite the ummah

  3. Dedicated community management that plans, develops, and executes according to an engagement calander for topics and activites. They also can run community pulse checks through polls and PMs and have mod powers.

  4. Game servers to support community activity and growth beyond the the forums (ARK, Minecraft, etc, make a poll)

  5. Digital marketing initiatives to support top-line growth through free marketing vehicles (shameless plug: pick me!)


Dunno if you saw this topic, but I think weve had some good discussion there: