My son's first pick

So I was walking around the shops holding my 9 month old son. Still an hour away from Iftar so we have some time to spend.

We walk into an EB games (I believe you Americans call it Gamestop) and I start looking over the preowned PS3 on sale when my son gets really excited and starts reaching for a game with all his might. I lean down to let him get closer (#parenting) when he snatches hold of a game and holds it up like a trophy.

I take a look at the game that so enamored my son, the 1st game he has ever picked out.

It was Madden…

…Son, I am disappointed.


I burst out laughing when I read this. lol. So funny.



We don’t need any more peasants.


@asad3ainjalout Alif was not pleased by your implication that he is a peasant.



I approve. You are a good father.

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I never said that I actually let him buy Madden.
The implication should already be that I am a good farther.


Yeaaaaa Thinkpad ftw!


Asalamualaykum Alif :smiley:

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hahaha man I used to play so much madden and fifa as a kid

I need to try Madden at least once I think.

Madden 2004 was probably the best one ever made

I feel like all of the sports games are such scams. I only know fifa since my cousins where obsessed but 60 dollars a year so that they can update the stats to match the players now. thats a patch mate. Oh guys we added a new kick, so revolutionary. OH GUYS we made that one guys face in the crowd 50% clearer… No.

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I feel the same way. My siblings were obsessed for a while but we havent purchased a FIFA since FIFA 10 I think. I used to play Blitz on N64 and loved it lol. I just want to see what “realistic” football is like in Madden.

I have not actually ever owned any sports games, but I once spent entirely too long grinding Blitzball. Does that count?

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