Next Steps: TODO

Firstly, WOOHOOOO, we got the forum back! Thanks for the time you put in to make this happen @AbrarSyed, @muslimgamer!

Let’s use this thread to discuss next steps/direction!

  • We already have a thread for Logo/Colours
  • We need to write the first draft of rules, and the community vision/“about us”

You may not agree with the whole community vision thing but I think it’s important for people visiting the site who don’t know what it’s about. They need to know what they’re getting involved in. Yeah sure, jumping into the forums and joining discussions is great and all, but what about the big picture :open_mouth:

@roketfiq are you up for setting a date/time with wulf for compiling the rules and/or vision from the previous discussions? Or anyone else for that matter?

Salaam brothers! Glad to be back and have something to work with. Yes, I can begin the process of compiling the rules. Ive been real stressed already this week at work but I can and will find the time.

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No rush man, take it easy.

#Rules of Conduct

  • Members shall not be subjected to foul language.
  • Members shall not be subjected to inappropriate content. (Nudity, harassment, etc.)
  • Muslim and Non-Muslim Members Shall Receive and Enjoy Respect of their Faith and Views
  • Be respectful, in this community we follow different schools of thought so please show respect.
  • No swearing, please keep a clean mouth, pick your words wisely.
  • No racism. Racism is not tolerated. Any form of racism will result in an instaban.
  • No aggressive behaviour, no insults or personal insults. This will result in an instaban.
  • No promotion of racial/ethical/religious hatred.
  • Please do not promote piracy/hacking.
  • Please double check your posts before posting, what you find funny could be offensive to others.
  • Please be respectful.
  • Topics should be respectful for all. (Treat others how you want to be treated)

#Rules of Conduct (Mumble)

(Still in discussion)

  • Generally the same rules as the forum.

#Community Vision

  • Relaxed environment. A place where you don’t have to tiptoe around things.
  • Finding like-minded Folk with whom to DISCUSS GAMING.
  • Provide a sanctuary for those in need of SOCIAL INTERACTION.
  • Providing a staging ground for the DEFENSE OF OUR RIGHTS in the gaming industry.
  • Provide a place where good examples are plentiful. (* needs to be refined)
  • Support Muslim Developers.


#Next Step: Come to a final verdict on gender segregation.
Here are the views:


  1. Forums are open to both genders. (w/ an option to have sections for brothers/sisters-only)

####Voice (Mumble/TS)

  1. One server, open to both genders. (w/ an option to have sections for brothers/sisters-only)
  2. Separate servers for both genders. (Policing this is mostly honour-based)

Feel free to post your thoughts below. We’re likely going to have another discussion about this over mumble, unless this is resolved!

Alright folks, I need advice here on everyone’s take on the gender issue.

As wulf says, I think its fine to leave the forum as is. Maybe add 2 categories for guys/girls, no special treatment either way. The forum is a medium that can be moderated after the fact.

Mumble, is another issue entirely. Stuff said on mumble/teamspeak is instant, and generally untraceable. Nobody wants to be the snitch. It is also my opinion that because it has a room like structure, its much easier for people to get into awkward situations. Such as when all guys are in a channel, and a sister joins, or the opposite. It is my opinion that we drop mumble entirely in favor of, which is more like skype, and allows for text chat and calls in its various channels. The important part is that you can be in multiple channels at once, and that you must deliberately start a call to get to voice. I think this is a sufficient barrier to any fitna.

I think its important that we draw a solid line on this, regardless of where it falls on the religious strictness spectrum.

I would suggest avoiding anything that requires person-to-person messages/voice, like Skype. Better to have something with rooms.

Yes, you can’t police everything, and people who want to abuse the system will find loopholes no matter what you do. The main thing is to pick something that actively encourages the right behaviours.

Besides, public room-like channels are more intrusive (less private) and more group-accountable.

My $0.02

For “Support Muslim Developers,” I would like to propose something stronger: encourage Islamic values in games.

This is 1) about Islam (not necessarily Muslims), and 2) about getting our voice into the mass-media we like best (games).

I can help volunteer on that side, and fund. I’ve had ideas in the past for coaching, mentoring, teaching, Muslim game dev competitions, game dev competitions on Islamic-like themes, etc. but never got far. I need there to be an interested, active community for this.

I’ll open a thread on it now.

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I like your suggestion ashes. Your words bring the right nuance to the vision, does anyone object to this change?

  • Support Muslim Developers Encourage Islamic values in games

However, without any action plan, these bullet points under “vision” are still just that - what we hope to achieve as a community. After finalizing this stuff, we’ll have to work towards achieving these points or else it’s useless having these at all :stuck_out_tongue:

That brings it in line with the magnitude of the other vision items.

That’s also my personal goal, so let’s see how we can work together.

Im not sure if ashes is for or against moving away from Mumble but I dont see a point in it. Like ashes said, if someone wants to screw around, they will. Mumble acts as an open room to me and those attending will police themselves or have others who can voice disapproval when necessary. We have rules of conduct and (as with Islam) we have to hope that people follow after being taught. If people want to avoid what they perceive as “fitna” then wont they avoid mumble as a source of it?

I avoid any gathering of non-Muslims that include alcohol, for example, because I dont want to be anywhere near it. But no where in Islam does it say we arent allowed to and shouldnt interact with the opposite sex. Cultures have innovated staunch segregation into Islam but all that is thrown to the side when you go to Hajj and pray right up next to a woman from Senegal or hell, go to school or work and have to sit next to Jennifer. In the Quran it says (paraphrasing) that we were made into different trides/people so we may know each other and interact. Not so men can know men and women can follow in a tent nearby.

Now, aside from this stuff, what other more important issues do we need to address before expanding the forum or at least declaring it fully functional?

Yeah idk I think it depends on profile settings.

How is Thursday at 9pm?

gonna need a timezone wulf lol

9PM CST on Thursday (05/26/2016) on mumble ok for yall?

I both agree and disagree with @roketfiq on this. I agree about the segregation part and all that. But I think that such an environment is only possible after a critical mass of both guys and girls. Because of the small number of women, we invariable end up with a bunch of guys in a room with one or two girls.

I think we might be able to get around this if we make it clear that everyone should loudly proclaim that they are uncomfortable with the current situation on religious grounds. I think that if people stay quiet about such awkwardness and either just leave or swallow and stay, that their Iman is being eroded just a little bit. MG of all places should be somewhere someone shouldn’t have to compromise their faith in such a way. If someone speaks up about that, then action can be taken to remedy it. By speak up I mean more of on the spot, but if thats not possible messaging me or another mod or something after the fact is fine too I guess, but hardly ideal.

I am not for or against Mumble (or any other specific tool). I don’t use voice chat, so my opinion here doesn’t matter.

TLDR: I am for any technology that makes it harder to mess around (by focusing on group chat), and I’m against any technology that makes it easy to mess around (by focusing on person-to-person chat).

Abrar and I discussed this in depth, and I believe he understands my perspective. I’m confident that he has the information he needs to make the appropriate decision (I don’t know what that is, though).

Wulf is my timezone, EST. And yea, I can do that.

hmmm I have class until around 9pm PST which would be 11pm CST on thursday :’(

but if that works for everyone else then go ahead and have the meeting

Dang bro. That is a late class. I dont want to be on the call past 11 EST just because I have work. Is there no other day or time that would work for you Blood?

I can try to be on every night. Yall should just show up whenever you can. We aint gonna get anywhere if we wait for everyone to be there.