Official Muslim Gamer Minecraft Server Thread

Assallamu Alaikum,
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Acegucci and if that doesn’t work then will work :smiley:

Assallamu Alaikum @ahmedm65. Your user has been whitelisted I hope you enjoy the Minecraft Server.

The spawn building is safe and will despawn any monsters, arrows, tnt etc. This protection will also include any items dropped on the floor so don’t drop anything in there!

My Username is RayanPlays

You have been whitelisted. Have fun!

Hi, my in game username is Ink_Cartridge

My apologies for the long delay, it has been a hectic week.

You have been added ENJOY!

Assallamu Alaikum my username is ItsMMK :smile:

Assallamu Alaikum @futureisoffline, Welcome to the Muslim Gamer Forums. You have been added tot he whitelist, enjoy!


Assallamu Alaikum, your username has been whitelisted, welcome to the forums

whitelist: D1no77
Im Mahin on discord.JZK



Assallamu Alaikum Mahin,

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Assallamu Alaikum Cherry,

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Assallamu Alaikum BritlanderInKansas,

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Whao so many people! Horray! Asalamu’alaykum everyone :slight_smile:

We also updated recently to the latest version so villages and villager mechanics have changed.