September 2018 Game Dev: Procedurally-Generated 2D RPG


After a few months of working on it, I decided to put our key project Abu Hamid X on hold for a while and work on something … else. Something smaller, lighter, more fun inshaAllah.

I’ve been floating around the idea of a procedurally-generated RPG for a couple of years now. I decided it would make a great one-month experimental project.

The patch is a one-man, mostly procedurally-generated RPG – maps, story, etc. will be random. You get a different, small game each time. Monsters, skills, etc. will be pre-written.

I also saw this excellent Extra Credits video on puzzle vs. reflex games:

I decided to revisit an older idea I prototyped of creating a memory-centric game. So the core battle engine will be based on memory-improving tactics (spatial working memory, n-back if I can squeeze it in somehow).

If you’re intersted in knowing more (or helping out), show up on Discord in #gamedev and/or drop me a PM/reply.

Here’s a GIF of a generated world map with a randomly-placed forest dungeon entrance.

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are you still working on the console game?


Lol inshallah soon

I’m divided on this. Next year, it’s possible it’ll come back up to the front of my interest list. Right now, I have a 10yo who plays on XBox 360 (but I can’t make XBox 360 games), and we really need a community around creating a Linux console for it to work. But there’s Steam, so there’s already a strong platform there…

I don’t know. If someone is interested, PM/DM/poke me and we can move forward on that front more inshaAllah.

Get your kid into PC!

On a serious note I’m interested I just cannot meet/keep up with your work schedule requirements.

My kid is into PC – Terraria, Stardew Valley, and more.

Not sure what you mean by “work schedule requirements.” My whole thing has always been the same:

  • Commit to actually doing it
  • Figure out how much time you have for it
  • Hold yourself accountable

I think we should have a separate thread/discussion about this console thing, because I think you guys are interested (as am I …) just not sure what to do or when to do it.

If I recall you liked to get projects done within a month. While commendable, I am personally unable to commit to such a time frame.

I can commit my free time every week which varies depending on my to do list that week.

I would change that to “I like to have something I can show in a month.” Doesn’t have to be complete, or perfect, just playable/usable without like crashing, debug logs all over the place, etc.

Your commitment is with you, I’m not a fan of holding people accountable unless they ask me to do so. Let’s talk inshaAllah in detail, maybe in another thread/Steam/etc.