The best part about Multi-console network gaming

Is sitting and watching them both run updates for half an hour.


Lolol, wow so this is console LAN, huh.

My mum is out of town, so dad is visiting with his console and every game we have in common. Every game we try though has the same problem.

So far we have had to play everything splitscreen.

After an hour we gave up on Grand turismo while trying portal2 split screen. Then tried borderlands2 split screen, now waiting for burnout to update.

Why does it take soo long to download 300MB?

That peasent life lol

Step 1: Remove split screen from majority of games to force the need multiple consoles and copies to access multiplayer content.
Step 2: Remove local network code, forcing machines on the same network to connect to the Internet server for no reason.
Step3: force software updates for Internet server connection even though both copies had the same version installed.
Step 4: throttle download speeds so an 18MB file takes half an hour to download.

All I am seeing here and in this threads is more reasons to #PcMasterRace