The Friday Khutbah Thread

@abrarsyed asked me to start some sort of thread or somesuch.

So, what’s something awesome / a gem you heard at the last khutbah? (Please keep negative stuff to yourself and don’t post it.)

From the one I hard: in Ramadan, you leave halal things (eg. food and drink) during the day time. One benefit is that it builds willpower. If you can do that, it’s easier to say “no” to haram things.

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Very sadly I have not heard a good kutbah in almost a year since I started my new job. Between work hours and traffic I only seem to catch the end of the English part and the start of the Arabic.

I miss it.

Edit: My comment is kind of neutral, so I guess I will leave it?



Sadly, due to the general lack of creativity or actual intelligence in our khatibs I havent heard a good khutbah in quite a few years. lol. I go to juma Alhamdullilah but when all the khatibs are foreign with no connection to the community or modern issues and only want to do khutbahs in Arabic or about how we’re all going to hell, well…you tend to lose hope.

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-----Redacted since content was negative------

All y’all completely missed the “Please keep negative stuff to yourself” disclaimer :confused:

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lol oops. But also meh…I dont want to lie about the state of khutbahs these days…

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Since you guys don’t have good khuthbas, does anyone want me to try and post summaries of whatever I can remember from my khutbah?

I go to ISNA Canada, which is a pretty big masjid.

If I get 3+ people saying yes (or 3+ likes on this post), inshaAllah I’ll do it with @AbrarSyed’s blessing.

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Had a good one, He spent the first fifteen minutes discussing how one should no just try and hit laylatul Qadr. The next 15 where about how our youth need to be raised based on the current challenges they are facing, not the ones we are facing. He had a follow up lecture at maghrib, which I was unable to attend. I am going to take a notebook to the next Khutbah.