Tilt Brush by Google

So I stumbled upon this video for this software by Google and it looks amazing. Dozens of games for HTC Vive and this is what makes me want one lol:

Looks frickin amazing. I love digital art and have a tablet and Corel Painter 2016 and Photoshop CS5 and all that and love learning how to draw but this takes the cake in terms of awesome lol.


That is awesome – imagine in the future when things like this are the norm… Engineering design in 3d space, writing notes for your family around the house: cut the lawn soon! But by then the lawn probably gets cut by nanobots :wink:

Man the future is as exciting as it is scary. We need to think about the consequences of our advancement on society at large. IMO we’re moving faster than our self reflection. I think a year ago, there was a scandal with an abortion clinic convincing mothers to abort their babies. Then, the aborted babies were be stripped of organs and they were be sold…

May Allah protect us, guide us, and forgive us.

Dude! I GOT TO TRY IT. I was visiting a friend in another city/state and walked into a Microsoft Store to find that they had a HTC Vive Demo going. I strapped it in, got the introductions and one of the apps that I got to try was Tiltbrush and oh my lord is it incredible. Especially for someone who likes to and has experience with digital art/drawing. It felt completely natural. And whats more is that VR makes it so fun to interact with the “world” around you. There was a deep sea tech demo that showed shipwreck and sea life swimming my and omg. Seeing a giant whale pass by and looking down into the black depths of the ocean was dizzying. So damn cool. I also played a shooter demo and lol that felt so natural too. And fun. You can really get lost in it all.

You can get lost in it

This is one thing I’m scared of - losing touch with reality. As games become more immersive, they drag you into other worlds where you might loose grip on what is important.

I agree. Also scares me. Actually feeling dizzy or wobbly because Im standing at the edge of a cliff made me want to tear the thing off my face lol. I think its wholly possible to enjoy this new form of playing but I think its has all potential to become too engrossing and overwhelming.