TOXIKK - Full Game ver 1.0 Released with Free Edition

So TOXIKK is a classic arena style shooter with the tagline “Frag like its 1999”. I played it and its pretty good. Free edition lets you play the full game with a few features here and there disabled for those who own the full game.

I think this would be a good tourney game? Maybe?

Disagree, no Linux support… :cry:


lol dang it…

I was going to say that, but I was afraid of being ostrasized, now I shall wear my pro linux badge with pride again.

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OpenArena anyone?


-_____- this is free too…

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Yeah Guys I think Warlight is great for our timezone problem, but I really want to have another game which we can tournament in and preferably scream HEADSHOT!!

OpenArena is a great game
We should do open arena

I definitely want to give OpenArena a try, but I want to hear roketfiq’s opinion first. (he’s a non-linux bro bro)

Also, wowowow arch linux is awesome:

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Open arena is cross platform so rocket should be fine. Ofc, welcome ot the party

Get pacaur its better than apacman

He will be fine in terms of platform, but he might not necessarily like the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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its quake, whats not to like

lol well I only played a few minutes of it with Asad last night. The game is what you would expect from a quake style shooter but not as tight as say, Quake Live, which I thought was pretty good. I would, of course, need to get better at the game to really comment on whether or not I think its that fun but it wasnt as easy to pick up as Toxikk. Maybe Toxikk isnt as old school as it says but I was able to start owning relatively quickly after getting the movement and gun locations down. I wish Quake Live was still free. Its weird that they made it buy to play now.

The best thing about OpenArena on Windows is that the install or game directory is portable. You get the zip, extract it and you can just play it from the folder. Do I see the game as a long term thing for me? Probably not. Would it work as a tourney game? Definitely.

Wish we could get UT2004 for all of us lol. THAT would be fun. Oh yea…there IS the new free Unreal Tournament thats in development.

But…I think its only Windows at the moment:


OOOOOOO Asadddddd I played this with you remember


its a great game, was also th efirst lan party I held @Mew

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For a split second I thought he was saying Toxikk was a great game. I was like oh snap! Win! But no…

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lol, open arena master race.

Fun Game
Runs on a toaster
Doesnt look too bad
Cross platform
no micro transactions
no map packs
open to modding
released server software
smooth awesome controls

What more can you ask for.

I don’t have a toaster T_T
Can it run in the oven?


if it runs on my intel integrated graphics, it can run on an oven, jut be sure to turn to 350 10 minutes before play.

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Guys guys let’s play this weekend? :open_mouth:

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