Warlight FFA #2 Thread

What just happened?

I knew Wulf would be removed, but Asad surrendering?

Mew, you better face me down to the last man.

Nooooooooooooo I accidentally opened the email thinking I’ll take my turn later but I forgot to mark it as unread QQ

You will be avenged.
I am claiming my cultural right of inheritance over the land of my fallen blue brother.


every single one o fyou was ganging up on me, now I wont give specifics, but there where a few places where the forces would be impossible to come back from. so i surrendered.

Is there any way you can randomise player colour and obscure who each player is?

After that 1st game everybody knows not to give you the space to grow.
If we didn’t know who you were then by time we figure it out it is already too late.

not that I am aware of.

Sorry Asad, I didn’t realize this.
Next time, let’s make a rule: no alliances and stuff.

I was too caught up in capturing a group of territories that gives you a bonus.

For what it was worth, I had no alliances.

The moment I broke Asads hold in england to drop his units/turn I was preparing to steamroll wulfs territory to the east which he graciously left unprotected as he was preoccupied with Asad.

Severok :open_mouth:
You brute! You were ready to break our Treaty of Blue!?

lol, I dont mind if you make alliances, it will make winning all the sweeter :smiley:

Et tu, Brute?

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Congratulations Mewsaab on the win!

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@Severok good game

lol done already? I swear it took longer before. Either that or it was just that frustrating and painful before :P.

It was a victory earned.
There is no shame in that.

Congratulations @Mew good game

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@asad3ainjalout whens round 3?? I need to maintain my lead

I am consistanty 2nd place while you and Asad have swapped 1st and 3rd. So realistically the 3 of us are tied for 1st overall.

I am happy enough to retire on that.

lol, dont worry, I am looking for some map and we will vote on the next one i think.

We need to get more people in on it as well. 5 or more would be amazing

The problem is not many people are interested, believe the game requires too much time, or do indeed not have time to play. Maybe the map vote will get more people interested as they can vote on which map they want, be it big or small, I plan to put the smaller A Land of Fire and Ice map, a Europe map, a city map, and and a random map.