Where have you been Gengis?

.As usual I have been away again, but caught up and posted some replies. Im a private person but I trust you guys all on this private forum to fill you in a bit more as to why im on and off so much.

So recently I got the opportunity to start writing freelance for an English daily newspaper here in Turkey. Alhamdulillah I have somehow managed to get myself in as a technology writer and am somehow getting published??? I guess the nights spent writing news and reviews on Mg paid off somehow :slight_smile:

oh and Abrar took my name away… that’s why I don’t come back anymore…

The fake dictator has been nice enough to offer me another name though, but I have no idea… Any suggestions?


MashaAllah bro thats good to hear! You should change your name to (the member formally known as the dictator)

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OD, Original Dictator

That reminds me:

And lol, the next post:


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@gengis mashaAllah tabarakallah good to hear that you’re progressing in the technology writing section, I hope this is something you enjoy! May Allah put barakah in it (and yuor budding new business).

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On topic…congrats bro! lol. Good to hear things are looking up. :smiley:

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Congrats gengis mabrook! Hope your time in Turkey has been good.
Serendipitously, I’ve also been writing for a business paper here in Singapore as an intern!
Maybe share a byline with us??? Hehehehehe. Its ok if you cant haha

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Congrats Gengis!

Hows Turkey? I have a connection flight in Istanbul this summer. I’ll say hi from the airplane!

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