The Welcome Back Thread

Salaam so, as Im sure everyone has seen, we have a few members. minameisneo and Zaido are back and Ive emailed a few others to make their returns as well. I also invited a close friend of mine to join the forum. I dont know if hes lurking right now but Im creating this thread for those who want to make their return know or want to reintroduce themselves.

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Great introductions roketfiq. I know this was just your way of welcoming me. Although I appreciate it, I’m sure that no introductions are necessary. I am but a humble man.

The great people of the MG discussion board already know that I am the only one and will ever be the only one who could have a role encompassing such a magnitude. I’m sure everyone is in agreement when I claim that I am the best at fulfilling all requirements of said role. Again, I do not like to boast.

As you were probably thinking, it is indeed my role as the Haraam Police chief that I speak of.

On behalf of the organisation, I welcome all those who have entered these boards tardy with a warm welcome. You have stepped in a safe and secure place where your opinions and ideas will not cause any conflicts… er… so long as they adhere to the true beliefs. Remember, such an environment can only flourish if the reign of the Haraam Police continues.

It is with great excitement that I’d like to reveal our short term goals. This year we plan to build a huge wall in order to continue the peace. What’s more – we will make the kafirs pay for it. Claps

We know you trust in our abilities to make the right calls. We thank you for your continued support, and again, would like to welcome you back to these boards.



@Wulf long post is long. Help a brotha out with a tl;dr =P

Most of you will remember me as Kreax from the original MG forums.

Glad to see some familiar faces (looking at you @roketfiq @KoubaDZ @ashes999 and the list goes on)

@Severok we never finished our epic D&D game. Not sure if anyone cares to pick it up after a 3 year hiatus though…

My contributions in the old MG forums were largely centered around moderating, attempting to keep the peace and the forum clean.

I also participated in several tourneys, the minecraft server (which I would love to jump back on if @Severok gets it up), terraria, the DnD epic forum game, and partnered with @ashes999 on some game dev initiatives like quest for royal jelly.

My background is in marketing. Been working in the tech industry for 6 years now with an emphasis on product marketing, and go-to-market strategy and process management.

I have a few contributions in mind, like leading digital marketing for the forum (if @AbrarSyed would allow it). I’m not super experienced in DM, but I am interested in it as a possible career pivot.

TL;DR: My goal is to promote healthy growth of the forum however I can and have fun along the way.


Ahhhh… I half suspected that was you given your avatar. Great to see you again Kreax.

Unfortunately when I left my old job, I had to surrender my laptop and I lost most of my files so it would be very difficult to pick back up.

I would be happy enough to tell you where I was planning on taking the story then maybe start a new game. I recall, the party was nearing the end of Act 1/3

How would you all feel about trying ShadowRun? Basically D&D in a cyberpunk setting. It is the only game I can think of where Shotguns and robotic drones are viable dragon hunting equipment.

This time however we should set up live meetups to deal with combat and dungeon crawls (runs), while allowing the story and character development to continue in the forums between those sessions as normal.

Now, rather than double posting I guess I should just give my update here.

I’m not sure how long it has been quite honestly. The end of SevCo and the loss of Ravenhold were tragic losses after the fall of Old-MG. After waiting long for word of its revival I eventually realised that it was time to move on with my life.

In old MG I ran a partially successful DnD game and failed miserably at organising a tournament. I ran a largely successful corporation on the Minecraft servers and occasionally made snarky comments on the forums.

I guess with MG back I am hoping to pick up a few hobby Dev projects with the community and a few community driven games like D&D, Minecraft if another server were to be built and the occasional tournament. So I guess… Nothing has really changed?


It’s good to be back … I think. It’s good to see all y’all friends who I made through my brief period of time as part of MG.

I always wondered what happened to that D&D adventure @severok :slight_smile:

Especially good to see you back @Rec. How have you been @fadi and @koubadz?

I’m mostly still just lurking and making games. And posting games. And trying to make you make games and post games. Let’s see how that goes.

May Allah accept all the efforts of all those who worked hard to make this a reality.

I also invited one of my friends (artist) who I’ve worked with for the last couple of years. Hopefully, he’ll also join, and help us make games that are not really hideous.


Yall have no idea how long ive been waiting for the opportune moment to drop that meme.

Anyways, I be AbrarSyed. I did Minecraft stuff, and managed the Minecraft server for a while… I honestly didn’t do much on the old forum, but I hope to change that this time around.


Long live the Dictator!


I laughed so hard when I saw that Abrar, lol.


Salam all, wow it’s been a while eh? Glad to see that the forum is finally back in action, i’m looking forward to participating in some great discussions with all of you and I have no doubt that this new forum will be every bit as great as the last one!

Thanks for bringing it back!


oh snap if it isn’t KoubaDZ welcome back bro :slight_smile:


I’m late to the party, but salaam nonetheless :slight_smile: What’s up guys! Love that the site is back again and it looks great! Thulfi/Strygwyr Here :slight_smile: I had the most posts! I have to start all over now :frowning:


Welcome to the forums bro! :DDDD

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@b4ck3m Thulfi? As in THE Thulfiqar?! OH SNAP NOW ITS LIT! :fire:


Haha :slight_smile: I just got back but I’m being told i’m a casual gamer these days. I’m here to publically say it’s NOT true! I’m a gamer! :stuck_out_tongue:


[sarcasm] @b4ck3m you filthy casual [/sarcasm]


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Be nice. It’s the rules.

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lol, he was referencing a steam convo we had earlier :slight_smile:

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:laughing: Walaykumasalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Thulfi!


Most of the people who view this thread don’t have access to that conversation. Suffice to say, it reflects poorly on you. /shrugs

I also was/am a casual gamer, so …