What Were You JUST Playing?!


So, seeing as how this forum will eventually become our full forum, I thought Id follow my normal posting tradition of creating threads that are sticky worthy. I believe we know what one of those will be.

My question for this thread, of course, is: WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING!?

My “current” game changes with each swing of moods so right now Im playing

  • Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void
  • War Thunder
  • Battlefield 4 (a bit)
  • Final Fantasy IX (and soon after Final Fantasy X)

How about you?!

Post Screens, Videos, text. Whatever!

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So I don’t game much anymore, in fact, if you see me online on steam, its most likely my siblings.

When I do have time to sit down i tend to pick games that end quickly, or don’t absorb me in too much.

1.Rogue games

  • FTL (Ashes reminded me how good a game it was)
  • Tales of Middle Earth, or tome (not the steam version, the original, the steam version got rid of the lord of the rings setting cause copyright. I am a big LOTR fan so the original for me.)
  • Nethack

2.Sit back with controller games

  • The shadow of mordor -: I alread beat the game, so i just get on to kill things/get achievements. Steam Controller FTW btw
  • Started Dark Souls 1, found it too interesting, put it aside for when I have more free time.


  • Warlight, great successor to the risk boardgame, can be played on the phone and computer, you can set it so someone can take a day or two before taking their turns, has built in tournament functionality. Add a bunch of friends to a round robin tournament 10/10, would sit on the toilet longer to take my turns all the time.
  • Dota 2 ever 6 months or so when me and a bunch of guys hangout in person.
  • Civ 5
  • Battle for wesnoth
  • 0 A.D.


  • Mount and blade games, napoleonic or the original, or viking conquest, or with fire and sword multiplayer.
  • Fistful of Frags, great shooter
  • Insurgency, but only game modes I can jump in and out of.

Those are the games I have installed right now. I have not played anything except insurgency i played a little yesterday after a while of no gaming.

Wulf owning 5 noobs :^)

Message me if you want to play!

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@Wulf lol We should soon bro.

@asad3ainjalout You’ve reminded me of so many games. lol. How is 0 AD doing? That game was/has been in development for forever.

I have not played it in months. See when I say the games i Play i mean what I have installed for when I have time to play. Most I have not touched it in months. Last I played it though it was much more polished. The multiplayer was more balanced and factions more fleshed ou

I see, I see. And lol yes, we all know you’re deprived of gaming my friend. Im sorry. It must suck soooo much to be married with a kid. :P.

Actually it’s great, ive been spending more time learning more world useful skills.

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lol Im sure. (20 other characters because theres is some weird restriction)

Playing Stellaris and Battleborn right now both are pretty good

I loved this thread and the Gifwars thread!!

Just finished Banished and game dev tycoon. Well not really finished but realised I figured out the optimum playstyle and lost interest after that. Going to start on prison tycoon. LaptopgamingFTW?

@gengis try out prison architect, its amazing!

lol that happens with me too! When the challenge goes…so does me interest. Hard to finish games after that.

@gengis, try out dwarf fortress. its the best out there

Lol Dwarf Fortress, no optimal playstyle with that game…

Ill probably never play DF. Sorry. lol. Yes, its leet to play those hardcore ASCII games but no…just no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im really enjoying Dungeon Siege 2. Super old school but when I first played and finished Diablo 2 this was the only game I played that felt as addicting.

This and still lots of War Thunder but now with Starcraft 2 online added to the mix. Likely going to get back into DotA2 as well since the Compendium released.

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Reminds of me Never Winter Nights.

Yea its similar but less rock paper scissor-y. Im also playing NwN2 but playing this first. lol.

For the record you can add skins to the Ascii art.

here is an isometric skin http://i.imgur.com/ZI3hT.png

Another http://i.imgur.com/zBsXq.jpg

A 2d skin https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/images/10/sept/oniontop2.png

Some guys attempting a 3d https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2377/2224777118_891f3f7f2c.jpg

I personally prefer the ascii, and I think severok can back me up here, because I like to imagine the fortress the way i want it.

lol yes…like I said…leet. BUT I have to said that Isometric Skin looks quite intriguing. I like that look. I may…MAY…be tempted into trying it now. How do I get the iso skin?